Glossary of Industry Terms

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An artistic style of videography that focuses on creating a story with Hollywood style editing.


A handpicked professional that is educated and experienced in filming weddings in a cinematic style. Each NST cinematographer goes through a training process to match the level of professionalism and beautiful aesthetic that the company stands requires before shooting. He or she also owns all of the professional equipment, including back-up options.

Trailer Film

A 3-5 minute highlight film that’s set to music and showcases key moments and audio of the day

Feature Film

A 10-, 25- or 45-minute cinematic film that’s set to music and includes extensive audio from the ceremony and/or reception


Shots of the exterior of a venue, interior décor, photo session or any other moments or items that help set the scene for a film

Rough Cut

Raw footage that has been edited down to remove duplicate shots and play in chronological order. A full Rough Cut includes:

  • The ceremony, from the first walk down the aisle to the couple exiting the aisle.
  • Special dances, including the couple’s first, the father & daughter and the mother & son. Religious dances and special performances will not be included but will be in the Trailer and/or Feature Films.
  • Toasts, from beginning to end, which could include the Best Man, Maid of Honor, parents of the bride(s) and groom(s) and from the couple themselves.

All packages booked after April 1, 2016 include a Rough Cut. Some collections may only include the ceremony portion of the Rough Cut. Check your contract or call us to confirm what your package includes.

Raw Footage

All of the footage that the cinematographer(s) captured of the wedding. This comes in the form of small film clips that are not synced with the audio. Video editing software, a strong computer and experience is required to view this footage.

HD Digital Film Link

A link to your high definition wedding film that provides a downloadable file for you to share on social media and make your own copies

Consecutive Hours

The cinematographer(s) will provide service for the time provided in the respective package, with no break in time.

Hours of Coverage

The amount of consecutive hours that the cinematographer(s) will be present and filming during a wedding. Multiple cinematographers on one shoot will work together for the same hours.

Same Day Edit/SameDayPremier

A trailer film shown at the reception that includes prep, ceremony and cocktail hour created by an on-site editor. There are two different options; added music only or added music and a clip of key audio from the ceremony or first look

Prep Coverage

Filming the bride(s) and/or groom(s) as they get ready for the big day. During this time, the cinematographer(s) can capture hair and makeup, wedding day attire and accessories, and time spent hanging out with the bridesmaids and groomsmen before the ceremony or first look.

Natural Shot List

Similar to a photographer’s shot list, the cinematographer has a list of shots that he or she plans to capture for each wedding. The cinematographer will let the photographer take the lead on this. For example, the rings, bride’s shoes, invitations, cake, bride and groom both together and separately, as well as the full bridal party, are typically included in this list.

Establishment Shots

Shots of the ceremony location, outside of the venue and surrounding area and reception décor that the cinematographer takes to create the scene in the beginning of a wedding film. These shots are similar to a movie showing the New York City skyline in the opening of a film that takes place in New York.

Documentary Edit

Raw footage that has been edited down to remove duplicate shots. The documentary edit includes the ceremony, dances and toasts in full.