Meet the Team – Kate Macdougall

From the first time you watch an NST Pictures wedding film to the day you receive your final products, the dedicated team at NST is working hard to make every step of your journey into marital bliss easy and fun! Get to know the passionate people who are helping to make your dreams come true.

Kate Macdougall

Post-Production Supervisor

wedding video production supervisor Kate Macdougall
How did you make your way to working at NST Pictures?

I moved to Brooklyn to attend art school where I primarily studied film production. After graduating, it was not only important for me to be able to utilize my production experience, but also work in an industry that made a positive impact on the lives of clients I would work with. Working at NST has been a great fit!

Why did you choose the wedding industry?

The wedding industry came into my life quite organically because many aspects of these wedding videos are what I enjoy about filmmaking. A wedding video is personal, intimate, and precious. The fact that it is something a couple will treasure forever is the icing on the cake.

What do you like about working at NST Pictures?

I enjoy working at NST because our team of strong, creative women is truly unique. Seeing everyone’s individual talents shine when we collaborate together on projects is a true joy!

What is your favorite part of your job as NST’s Post-Production Supervisor?

My job entails overseeing the production of wedding films, so I get to see first hand how the beautiful footage our talented cinematographers capture become cinematic wedding films – which is always exciting! Working closely with the talented editing team, Anna and Darisa, who put their care and expertise into each wedding video, make the process even more worthwhile.

You’ve coordinated hundreds of wedding films (literally!) so what wedding videography advice do you have for couples?

It’s important for couples to be in the moment and enjoy themselves, which is why I think it’s especially key to hire a wedding videographer. The day will go by so quickly, being able to go back and see family, friends, and the small details that went into planning the day is priceless.
Seeing the bride and groom excited for their big day always translates well in our wedding films. Don’t sweat the small stuff!


Outside of NST, what other artistic passions do you pursue?

I have been making documentary films since I was 16 and continue to pursue stories and subjects that interest me. I studied fine arts while growing up and continue to paint as well as experiment with new and traditional mediums. My most recent endeavor has been researching embroidery and textiles – I am excited to see where that goes!

You’re more than just a wedding expert though, so to get to know you better, tell us about your ideal day off of work!

I love living in NYC because I’m close to so many galleries and museums. An ideal day off would be seeing new shows and exhibitions that leave me feeling inspired to create! Pair gallery hopping with a good cup of coffee – that’s a perfect day.
When I need to decompress, I enjoy writing in my diary and playing my beloved Fender Stratocaster.

Wedding video production supervisor for NST Pictures
Have you met Jennifer, our headquarters director and the rest of our headquarters team?




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