10 Unusual Wedding Souvenirs You Probably Have Not Thought Of

Conclude your wedding on a great token with a one-of-a-kind wedding souvenir your friends and families are sure to enjoy.

Giving out favors at your special day is a good gesture, yet identifying significant items that, a) will never end up gathering dust after the celebration and b) break your spending plan, may in some cases be challenging.

Fortunately, it is actually practical to complete it with a little bit help– such as our best-loved proven tips from real newlyweds.

Dull wedding souvenirs, be gone. Say “kudos” to your invitees with these useful and artistic wedding souvenir ideas. Whether Do-It-Yourself, edible or simply plain charming, these budget-friendly wedding souvenirs will be a hit with your friends and families!

Wedding creative giveaways tea towel - wedding videographer manila

1. Tea Towels
This is among the ideal surprising wedding souvenir ideas our team has actually seen. In case you’re certain regarding your kitchen decoration, you realize the difference between the daily towels you use for tidying up spill over and cleaning off the kitchen counter, against your ~ elegant ~ tea towels which are entirely ornamental. Is anybody else with us? In either case, lovely looking tea towels make beautiful wedding souvenirs, particularly if you or a lot of your guests revel in cooking. Customize the towels by getting a professional calligrapher to ornament them with an idyllic quote which invitees will wish to display in their own houses!

Wedding creative giveaways smores - wedding videographer manila

2. S’more Love
Pack a small-sized camp treat. Put delicious mini graham crackers, marshmallows, and chocolates inside. Your friends and families will be happy the moment they see this during a rustic wedding.

3. Survival Kits
Get yourself a welcome wedding pouch that may serve as a souvenir too. It may include an adorable pair of shades, a tote, several packs of Paracetamol and some treats.

4. Lip Balms
If there is actually something we know it’s that losing your much-loved lip balm could be undeniably crisis-worthy. It is actually even more serious if you’re at a gathering when you drop it. Therefore, do your loved ones a favor by providing a pristine personalized lip balm for the special day.

You may personalize everything from the flavor of the balm to the packing material and label, to the shades of the stick itself. It’s not usual wedding souvenir (yet), thus it’ll absolutely help folks recall your wedding– each time they have chapped lips!

5. Pinwheels
Throwing rice during weddings may look like an old-fashioned custom now, yet that does not mean you need to pass up all excitement as you make your walk back down the aisle as a man and wife for the very first time. As an alternative to grain or rose petals, create a set of multicolored pinwheels for your attendees to spin around as you make your way back through the guests– they are actually simple to put together and will add a touch of playfulness to your special day photographs.

6. Travel Luggage Tags
Engraving them with a simple “Mr.” or “Mrs.” (vs. a guest’s full name and address) will help your budget (and your peace of mind).

7. Popcorn in a Jar
Jars make such fantastic storage for presents and giveaways. Place several unpopped popcorns inside and include a printable which may say “Thanks for popping by”. These will make great popcorn wedding souvenirs.

8. Scratch Cards or Lotto Tickets
Scratch cards are truly exciting, aren’t they? Inside a beautiful small envelope or “ang pao”, pack them up beautifully, with the name of the guest to serve as an escort or place card as well.

9. Good LucK Charm
You may purchase bulks of money amulet coins on the web, and after that write various messages to go with it inside a pouch or a jar. Package the practical treats in a customized pouch with your wedding hashtag and names, and then have it sealed with a multicolored ribbon.

10. Seed Packets
Seed packets are an economical and valuable wedding souvenir regardless if it’s herb seeds for a more rustic occasion or flower seeds for a wedding in a garden. Do you know what the best part is? The moment the sunflower bloom in their backyard, invitees will recall your special day!
There are unlimited wedding souvenir ideas around, from kits, do-it-yourself goodies, crafts, to personalized souvenirs. And certainly, you just wish the best for your friends and families, right? Besides, it’s a means of thanking them for spending their day with you!