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6 Practical Wedding Hacks to Significantly Cut Costs

It seems like minimalism is the only way to cut wedding costs these days. But what if you still want something grand and fabulous? What if you just can’t have too much sparkle?

Not all husbands- and wives-to-be have six digits in the bank to spend for a fabulous wedding. But everyone definitely has the right to get married and throw a memorable party!

If you’re on a tight budget or just wanting to cut costs, look no further and check out the tips below. It will help you minimize the costs without sacrificing glam.

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1. Consider wearing your mother’s wedding dress
Save tens of thousands by saying “no” to a custom-made, brand new wedding dress. The bridal gown is one of the most remarkable details of a wedding. But it shouldn’t cost half of the wedding budget.

Lucky you if your mother’s traje de boda is being well-kept in the closet. With some modifications and alterations (and your mother’s permission!), you can use it on your wedding day. Plus, this hack gives your wedding day a special sentimental aspect.

2. In centerpieces, use candles instead of flowers
Floral centerpieces are expensive. Besides paying for the flowers, you render the services of a florist to arrange them. After the reception, they’re barely useful.
Candles serve the purpose of decorating tables minus the cost. You can also use them after the reception, in another project.

3. Get married on a weekday
You would be surprised how much money you can save by getting married on a weekday! Party venues and hotels tend to charge more for weekend occasions.

If you can move your wedding date to a Friday or a day before a holiday, you can save a lot of money without sacrificing the availability of your guests.

Also, if you book in advance, you can get discounts and early bird rates. So plan ahead!

4. Get everything done in one location
A traditional wedding takes you to at least three locations. One for the wedding ceremony, one the reception, and another for the honeymoon. This means that you pay at least three vendors or companies just to give you some space.

But have you considered renting a vacation home or a vacation destination where you can have all three? You can save tens of thousands just by keeping your feet in one place. Plus, you won’t have to worry about transportation costs. It’s also going to be a seamless day for everyone!

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5. Re-think your wedding cake
Layered, fondant cakes sure looks lovely and precious. But do you really need to have one? There are countless other alternatives that will save you thousands of cash!

Cupcakes, milk and cookie bars, and other types of dessert will please your guests’ appetites as well. They can come at half the price of a traditional fancy fondant cake.

But if you must cut a cake as part of the ceremony, you can ask a baker to make dummy layers of cardboard with icing. A single layer at the top can have real cake for cutting purposes.

6. Double the purposes of decorative items

Don’t underestimate the cost of all the “small things” that come in a wedding. The cost of personalized napkins, bouquets, centerpieces, and wedding giveaways can take a bulk of your budget.

Why not use your bridesmaid’s bouquets as centerpieces? If you have a separate location for the reception, take the flowers from the ceremony and use them again as decoration. This will help you cut costs for flowers by half.

Another idea is to use gift tags as giveaways. In this way, an item can serve two purposes, which means twice the savings.

So ask yourself whenever you buy something: “Can I use this item in more ways than one?”

The Bottom line

Saving money doesn’t mean you’re opting for cheap. If you would like to celebrate a fashionable wedding and wow your friends and family, by all means do so! But it doesn’t have to cause a hole in your pocket.

The trick here issmart spending. Cut expenses on items that you don’t absolutely need. Be smart about your financial decisions and be clever with your tastes.

Using the hacks that we shared above, you can have all the wedding glitter and glam that you want – it’s your special day, after all!