A bride’s guide to finding the best wedding planner

Wedding planners are practically miracle workers. They can create the most memorable weddings during what could be the most stressful months in your lifetime. Without their guidance, you would not have been able to put together your wedding day.

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So if you’re a blushing bride-to-be who is on her way to the altar, looking for a wedding planner might just be your first step. How do you find a wedding planner?

We’ll show you how in this specially made guide for brides.

1. Make your research.
There are many wedding planners out there who can conjure up your dream wedding for you amidst the ups and downs of wedding planning. However, you can’t simply hire them all. Do you research and ask a few of your friends who might be able to recommend someone for you. Once you have narrowed your list, give each one of them a call.
Get to know them and ask them questions, such as their price range, the sites and people they have worked with, and their contacts. You need a wedding planner who is highly organized, tech savvy and a real vendor.

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2. What is your budget?
Wedding planners have talent fees which is a no surprise. The first matter that you need to consider before hiring a wedding planner is to look through your budget. Certain wedding planners have very expensive rates while others are just good for your budget. Before you hire the one that comes up, it pays to know how much you will be able to pay the planner. Once you have an idea of how much their fee is then you might be able to make adjustments to the budget.

3. Schedule a meeting.
You already chose a wedding planner and it’s now time to meet up with them. Bring with you materials that will serve as the inspiration for the entire look and feel of your wedding. The meeting will also help you do a bit of brainstorming and determine if you and the planner are compatible. Strange as it may seem, but remember that this will be the person who will bring to life your dream wedding.
And if you don’t, then it’s time to meet another person.

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4. Call their references.
Before deciding to book a particular wedding planner, it’s a must that you call their character references. The references will ultimately be one of the deciding factors to determine if the wedding planner will be perfect to make your dream wedding come true. And if you find inconsistent reports, you might as well move to call another planner.

5. Booking the planner.
Finding the right wedding planner takes time and an amount of research on your part. Once you have interviewed potential planners, it’s time to narrow down your choices. Make a comparison of your all your notes, discussion and impressions that you found during the meeting. When you finally made a choice, give them the call and arrange the paperwork to seal the deal.

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Hiring a wedding planner depends entirely on your budget and your choice. There are couples who would opt to hire wedding planners on a consultancy basis. But whatever your decision is, remember that every bride and groom deserves to have the best and the most memorable wedding day.