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A Groom’s Attire Guide to His Wedding Day

During the wedding day, both the bride and the groom receive the same amount of attention because naturally, this is their big day. For this part, we’ll take a look at how the groom should be dressed for the big day. Some guys might think that all it takes is a fitted tuxedo and tie and they’re good to go.

This shouldn’t be the case! It’s your big day just as it is with your soon-to-be wife. Plus, we think that your bride would want you to look as good as her, too. Here are some of a groom’s necessities during his wedding day:

Groom wedding attire Tuxedo - wedding videographer manila

1. A tuxedo that fits the occasion.
If you’re a clothing aficionado, you can very well see the difference between the types of tuxedos. But if you’re not then how you can be able to differentiate a normal one versus the one that should be used for your wedding? It’s all in the fit! Choose a well-tailored fit that will compliment your body. You don’t want to look either too small or too huge in your wedding pictures. Also, getting married can give you jitters so you may want to wear something that you are comfortable in.

When it comes to the type of tuxedo you’re going to wear, you should consider the venue. If your wedding is outdoors or during the daytime, you can opt to wear something more casual like a lighter-colored suit that’s made of khaki or seersucker. If your wedding is during the nighttime or its venue is in a fancier one like a ballroom or hotel, then you can choose to go more formal by wearing a tailcoat.

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2. Socks matter!
Usually, most of the grooms opt to go for plain black dress socks. However, there are a lot of things your socks can tell you. It goes way more than what you think. You can pick a vibrant color that matches the overall color theme or even have a custom-made sock for the event. There’s a big chance that your guests may not also notice these unless you really show it off. But it can serve as a little something for you to know that something’s there and you’d know what’s up.

3. Give attention to the smallest details a.k.a. the boutonniere.
Not everyone might think that this is important, but yes, a boutonniere is essential when it comes to completing the whole ensemble. First off, you have to know what kind of bouquet your bride is going to have. That’s the most important thing you have to match with. Secondary to that will be your wedding’s overall total color scheme and if it will complement what you’re wearing.

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4. Choose the right tie.
There are endless choices for ties. You can either choose a patterned one or a simpler solid one. You can also choose between thousands of colors. For this piece of clothing, want the best kind of tie that will suit your whole ensemble first. Different types of neck-wrap around are skinny ties, bolo ties, pocket squares, frou-frou cravats, ascots, and even scarves. After you’ve identified which kind you want to go for, choose the proper color which will go with the overall look. If you’re feeling playful, you can even opt to add a tie tack or a pin that speaks something about you or your relationship!

Groom wedding attire Cufflinks - wedding videographer manila

5. Cufflinks as timeless pieces.
This is an optional piece, but you can consider it to be as one of your future heirlooms, aside from your wedding ring. Buy something vintage and rustic! Choose to wear something that won’t go out of style and will be able to stand the test of time. You can also have it personalized by incorporating a monogram on it.

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6. Vests and cummerbunds shouldn’t be too overwhelming.
These are the accessories that are almost matched with the theme of the party. However, it can feel a bit too matchy-matchy and could even look like they’re forced to blend well with each other. For this instance, choose a particular color palette. From there, you should be able to determine which colors will go together but try to stay away from focusing on just a one-color scheme as it could be a bit overwhelming to some of your guests’ eyes.

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7. The color of your belt is essential.
Yes, it’s something you should give attention to, and no, it doesn’t matter if no one is going to see it. When choosing something that you will wear on your wedding day, keep in mind that everyone will see everything that you will wear. With that, it’s just right to match your belt correctly with the color of your shoes. If you have black shoes, then you should have a black belt. Don’t try to match your belt with your clothing. That just won’t work.

For your wedding day, every piece of your clothing should be thought of and given an effort, at least. As they say, this day will only come once in a lifetime so you really might as well go all out for it.