A simple guide on making your wedding budget

You’re engaged, now what? Planning your own wedding is one of the most exciting and tedious activities you’re going to do in your life. If this is your first time planning a huge event then you are in for a real rollercoaster ride specially fitting everything in with your wedding budget.
Every woman has their own unique idea on what their special day would be like. However glamorous and simple it may look on television, it takes careful planning and budgeting on you and your partner’s part. Most of couples would love to spend big on their wedding day so they spend years saving up for it.
However, many couples today are opting for simpler and more budget friendly weddings.After all, you can still have the perfect wedding without burning a hole through your wallet.
Follow our simple guide on how to create your dream wedding with an effective budgeting system:

1. Know what you want.
Before you start dialing the number on your local bridal shop, the first step to creating a budget is to have a clear vision of what your wedding will be like. From the motif to the wedding dress, knowing the kind of wedding you want will help you make the budget. You should be very specific especially if you plan on hiring a wedding planner.

If you happen to choose a rather expensive theme, you can look for less expensive alternatives to work with. Research is one way to help you narrow your choices.

2. What are your priorities?
Once you have thought of a theme, it’s time to list all the priorities that need to be done. Sit down with your partner and discuss about the expenses of the wedding and how much they are willing to spend. If you have people who will financially assist you, then you can include them in the discussion as well. Having your close families who will help you spend might have a few connections that can help out with the wedding.
Create a list of the things that need your utmost attention. Take into consideration the different aspects of the wedding. The list also helps you cut corners if there is certainly a need to.

3. Keep it at a minimum.
One of the biggest miscalculations that couples make when planning their wedding is inviting too many people to the wedding. Yes, one of the reasons why over budgeting occurs is when there are many people attending the wedding. A large crowd will entail you to book a bigger more expensive venue, more food to order and more souvenirs to make.
Smaller and more intimate weddings are the hype today. One of the advantages of having a simple wedding is that it frees you from financial burdens after. If you want to have a grand wedding, you need to think carefully about it. Make sure that your amount at hand will fit the kind of wedding that you want to happen.

4. It pays to shop for inspiration.
There are many ways that you can plan your wedding especially if you have a strict budget. This is where online research and window shopping comes in. Visiting online wedding idea websites and other wedding boutiques will help you narrow down your choices.

Not only do you have more options, you also have the chance to be able to purchase high-quality items at a reasonable price. How’s that for a good bargain!

5. Be accountable at all times.
The reason why you need to have a list or a worksheet is that it will keep track of all your expenses and shows you how much money you have left. There are many ready-made templates that you can get from a friend or from the Internet. You can edit the template accordingly. The list will help you keep tabs on any updates that might just make budgeting easier like when a good friend offers a good venue for free.
Planning your own wedding is hectic and very demanding but will be definitely worth all the hard work. Keep in mind that a perfect wedding takes place when there is a clear cut planning and budgeting at its foundation.

Credits: Photo by Salt and Beach