Are Wedding Coordinators, Planners and Designers the same?

Before you start your wedding planning we have a simple question for you.

Do you know the differences between wedding coordinators, planners, and designers?


Some of you may even think that you only have to hire a wedding planner because she can do it all but she can’t because it’s one overwhelming job!

So here are the differences between the three positions.Wedding professional roles 1 - wedding videographer cebu city
Wedding Planner
Among the three, the wedding planner is the most familiar in general term because they are the ones who help the couple make their dream wedding come true. They go on site visits, food tasting events, they look, negotiate and book vendors for you, they help you manage your budget, look for hotels and everything else you need for your big day. They will work for you from start of your wedding planning to your big day!Some of the wedding planners are also designers; don’t forget to ask them if they, too, are designers for weddings so you can save money and time! Sometimes these wedding planners can also be your coordinator if the wedding can be manageable enough by a small team.

Wedding professional roles 2 - wedding videographer cebu city
Wedding Coordinator
A wedding coordinator is someone who will oversee everything on your big day and they only have to work for you for a short period of time, unlike your wedding planner. He/she will provide solutions for unexpected problems in your wedding and make sure the day will run smoothly.

The coordinator will review all the contracts you signed with your vendor because he/she’s going to contact them in case of a problem. The coordinator is also going to make a detailed timeline of your wedding day so everything will be in order and all you have to do is to enjoy and feel the special moment!

Wedding Designer
From the title itself, wedding designers will help you choose your color palette. There are so many beautiful palettes that make it more difficult to choose, but don’t you worry because that is their job! They will go with you to the site, suggest some designs for the ceremony backdrop, flowers on the aisle, table centerpieces, flowers and everything that needs to have a creative thinking will be done by them.

They also know what flowers are in season and not, they can provide special props, and what’s great is they can give you an estimated budget for the overall design of the place!

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