How to pick your wedding favors

Give your guests something to remember about your special day with wedding favors. Wedding favors are souvenirs you give as a sign of gratitude to the people who have joined you on your big day. Picking your wedding favors might just be one of the fun parts about planning your wedding.

There are a variety of sources where you can shop for your wedding favors. To get you started, here is a simple guide on how to pick the perfect wedding favor to give to your guests.

1. Look for inspiration.
From bridal magazines to wedding websites, you are bound to find an ample amount of sources in finding the right souvenir to give to your guests. Based on your theme and motif, create a list of the possible favors that you want to be made. Some of these sources, like bridal magazines, for example, would provide you with a few general design ideas of what flavors you can get for the reception. You can improve or even do a few changes on these to fit your own wedding theme.

Still can’t find anything that appeals to your taste, why not base it on the season that your wedding is dated. There are many

2. Add a touch of practicality.
Let’s face it, wedding souvenirs will be ignored by once the wedding is over. So if you really do want your guests to remember that momentous occasion, why not give them something they can use. Many wedding today is providing more practical gifts to their guests they can use even after the reception.

Many wedding favorites that come to mind are wine, olive oil, honey, and even succulent plants. Make the most out of your budget by investing in these items.

3. It’s a meaningful gift.
Wedding favors should be a representation of you and your significant other. Although it is tempting to grab the next sweet smelling candle as your souvenir, here are a few ideas that you can choose from. If you are hosting your wedding at your hometown, you can use delicacies as your favors. And if you both have a passion for sports, you can use sports bottles as the gift to your guests.

4. Ask for samples.
Once you have made your choice, contact a reputable souvenir shop and ask for samples. These samples will give you a rough idea on what and how your wedding favor would look and feel like once it is finally in the material. The samples will give you the opportunity to make a few changes before the finished product is out for your reception.

5. Packaging perfection.
What adds a touch of class to your wedding favor is the packaging. Personalizing packages create a more intimate and sincere feel to the wedding favors. From colorful boxes to slim silver canisters, you can find many items to wrap up your gifts. Make sure that the package is both convenient and easy for your guests to carry it home.

Wedding favors are an excellent way of telling your guests “thank you” for their support on your special day. And giving them something they can use even after your wedding is definitely a big one.