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How to Plan an Intimate Beach Wedding in 3 Easy Steps

Intimate beach weddings are surprisingly inexpensive and uniquely wonderful. What’s a better view than white sand, glassy waves, and blue waters while declaring eternal love for someone?

You don’t need 500 guests and to spend hundreds of thousands just to get hitched. If you find large weddings intimidating and high heels unappealing, well – you can definitely go barefoot and still get married. Plus, your “big day” will feel less jittery. It doubles as a holiday vacation.

How do we prepare for a beach wedding?

Make sure that you have ample time for preparation. Most weddings can take 6-12 months in the making. Before everything else, know your wedding budget. This will affect your decision about the venue, theme of the event, and the flow of the celebration.

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Step 1. Decide on the wedding venue
What makes a beach wedding different? Weather is everything.

For outdoor weddings, be mindful of the following details:

  • Temperature and humidity
  • Strength/direction of winds
  • Possibility of rain
  • Accessibility of the location

You wouldn’t want your guests wiping sweat off their foreheads or getting unexpected tan lines. What’s worse than strong winds that could topple down all of your decorations?

If you’re planning to have a wedding in the -ber months or in August, you might want to think again. Summertime is usually the best time for a beach wedding.

To be on the safe side, do your research about the weather or ask locals about the dry season. If possible, visit the location on the same month that you’re planning to have the wedding and observe.

Once you have figured out when to have the wedding, the next question is where. Find a secluded, unpopular spot where you can maintain the intimacy of your big day without having to rent an entire villa. You must also consider your guests’ transportation and accommodation. Is this place easy to go to?

Step 2. Take trips to the city hall
Getting married involves some paper work. A few months before the wedding, make sure that you’ve acquired a marriage license and attended seminars/workshops. Be prepared for updating your marriage status in government-related profiles. Marriage is a legal matter, after all!

Secure permission from either the tourism office or the land owner. You can definitely coordinate this with the resort or venue that’s hosting your wedding.

Lastly, find an officiant who will take care of the ceremony. Get to know your officiant and discuss with them the flow of the ceremony. While coordinating, write your speeches and map out the script.

Step 3. Plan the wedding details
The best thing about small, intimate weddings is that you won’t have to get caught up in trivialities like monogrammed table napkins.

An intimate beach wedding has a few ingredients that we’re happy to list down for you, such as:

  • Guests, photographers, and videographers
  • Tables, chairs, and a wedding canopy
  • Wedding attire
  • Music
  • Food and drinks
  • Decoration
  • Party favors

You can keep your guest list very short (as few as 20 people, if you don’t come from a big family.). Plus, you can focus on quality over quantity, to make your big day more special.

A good idea is to set up in the morning and have the wedding ceremony and reception in the afternoon till evening. This way, you can go for cheese and wine instead of a full course meal, or serve pasta, cakes, and beer. Be mindful of lighting and power source if you will be having a party beyond 6 pm.
You can use candles, shells, ribbons, and flowers for decoration. You have the option of having the reception on the beach front (which can be completely for free!) or in the function area of your chosen resort, if you have a budget for it.

As for wedding attire, you can keep it simple but fashionable. There’s no need for a full-on gown or suit. What matters is that you feel light, comfortable, and happy. That’s the essence of a beach wedding anyway!

The Takeaway

Even if small, intimate weddings appear simple and easy to do, they still need enough preparation. As a matter of fact, beach weddings have unique demands. The venue makes or breaks the entire occasion. Plus, you need to take consideration of your guests’ needs for transportation and accommodation.

You can keep your special event budget-friendly and enjoyable at the same time. With beach weddings, it’s the simple, tiny details that define the unique aspect of your non-traditional wedding.