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Top 6 wedding fails and how to handle them

When the wedding date gets nearer and nearer, wedding planners, and especially brides, adopt an extreme connection with the saying, “Anything that can go wrong will go wrong.”

Any person who has eyes and is friends with such people can give a testament to this. Whether it be because of overthinking or the perfectionist in you, wedding organizers tend to fret over the littlest details– from the wedding venues to how the napkins on the tables aren’t the shade of what you ordered– and as an observer, it looks very exhilarating. What more if you’re the one getting wed?

Youtube has hundreds of compilation videos on ‘The Best Wedding Fails of 2018’ and to normal people looking for laughs, they’re very entertaining. But when you’re a bride or a groom watching them, you don’t only get snickers, you get anxiety, which is why it’s best to be prepared in situations like these.

Heel Mishaps

A lot of people think those female babies are born wearing heels, which is totally not true. Not everyone is as gifted as Rihanna to be able to walk in grated platforms wearing 7-inch thin stilettos! And although normal weddings don’t really have such scary platforms, the floors are still slippery, the gowns are too long, and some heels really can’t work well with their brides. Yes, let’s all blame the shoes.

So how do we deal with this stereotype of women wearing heels? Simple. We don’t wear high heels. C’mon ladies, height doesn’t equal to beauty. And frankly, if you’re short, no matter how many inches you add to your shoes, your height will still be the same. So ladies, why bother spending such a grand, memorable day uncomfortable? It’s your wedding, so spend your day having fun and relaxed!

It would also be helpful if you start practicing how to walk or dance with the shoes you’re wearing for that day. Discard the superstitions that one should only wear the wedding dress, wedding veil, and wedding shoes on the day of the wedding. The more you practice, the better you get at it and the more confidence you gain. And you don’t necessarily have to run down the aisle! The guy waited a whole lifetime for you, he can afford to wait for another 5 minutes. Remember, we aim for memories, not sore feet.

And if luck and gravity have grudges against you and you end up tripping over your feet on your wedding day, get up, smile, and laugh it off. Tell them, “Nuh-uh. Not today.” And if by any chance that it is caught on camera, still smile as you delete the footage of your embarrassment and pray that your partner didn’t make back-ups of it.

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Wardrobe Malfunction

You’re wearing a dress that you like, you have your heels, your back-up heels, makeup and hair team, but as what Murphy’s law states, “Anything that can go wrong will go wrong.” So when you find out that you can’t fit into a wedding dress or the zipper got stuck, or there’s a little tear on the side, don’t panic.
First, don’t try to force anything. Call for help, and if there’s a nearby tailor, the better. Chapstick often helps with oiling the zipper so it closes easily. If there’s a tear on the side, maybe the tailor or a friend can sew it back up. It is also a must to have have a mock wedding preparation the day before the wedding, so as to clarify if there are further adjustments to be made. Watch out for strapless dresses, we don’t want any flashes happening, and certainly not from the bride herself. Just be prepared for anything really. Also, have a close friend bring pins and if possible a needle and a thread in case everything gets too wild in the after-party that a part of your dress ends up ripping.

Wedding Venue vs Weather

If there is one thing that can beat indecisive people in terms of fickleness, it’s the weather. One moment, it’s sunny, the next everyone’s running for shade and opening their umbrellas. And if you’re having an outdoor wedding, then the weather is both your best friend and worst enemy.

Rain can be a huge inconvenience in the formal events, from being transported from one place to another to actual wedding receptions. It ruins the decorations, food, dances, and games that you spent months preparing for and the mood of the party drops to meet the outside temperature.

So when you’re thinking of a beach or a garden wedding, then make sure there’s a place with a roof where you can hold your reception instead. It’s also imperative that you gradually check the weather prediction in that area so you can come prepared. It may not be held at the venue of your dreams, but it’s not the venue that really matters, but the people who you spend it with. Sure, it sucks, but we really can’t control the weather. What we can do is just to prepare for it.


After-Program Fails

Watching Youtube videos means that you’ve seen how hilarious people can get when they’re on the dance floor. Everybody’s got a little alcohol in their system, girls are wearing heels and men are being men, so it’s no surprise if one or two people would just plop face down on the floor. But sad to say, it’s not the same thing with the bride.

There are also cool customs like lifting the bride up in a chair by a bunch of men with the bride falling down to the ground, or just a funny one where grooms try to lift up their brides but can’t. All-in-all, it just for fun. Lighten up, and don’t forget to try fun and exciting things. This is your day, make the best of it.

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Photography Fails

Not everyone is born photogenic. Not everyone is like Barney Stinson, who never had a bad picture in his life. Nope. Which is why, in wedding photos, it is really important that you know what side you look good at, especially dearest brides and grooms. Always remember to smile. You don’t want the photographer sharing photos of you looking bored on your wedding day, do you? The downside is that your cheeks will hurt, but with all the fun you’re having, you learn to disregard the pain.

Just a word of advice, though. Opt for natural and semi-formal poses in your wedding photo shoot. Wacky pictures are fun to do, and people seem to never get tired of them, but when all your wedding pictures are everyone just sticking their tongues out or holding booze and clearly drunk, you might regret not having a proper photo for your family albums to come.


Forgetting Your Vows

You’re in a place that has what seems like a classroom full of people. If you’re like most people when you were young, public speaking proved to be a hard and intimidating activity. This is more so when you’re actually delivering your vows. So, how does one get through this?

Don’t memorize, but understand your vows. This is actually easier than it sounds, especially when you’re the one writing them. If you’re confident, you can forego with the script and only stick with the main points, but for unfortunate people, it is better if you get the idea of what you were trying to say and paraphrase it. Vows are supposed to be personal ones, like short heartfelt letters you’d say to your partners, so you should really take it on yourself to make your own vow and familiarize yourself with it.

Think of it as writing a letter. Don’t think about the minister, our about the audience, or how your feet are killing you, but think of the person in front of you and that you can talk for 10 minutes straight without getting interrupted. Think about how you’d want to bare your heart out to the person, and disregard everything else.

But if there comes a point where you actually blunder through it, it will be so embarrassing at first, but it’s in times like these that you’d be grateful that your partner is there to help you — as long as he’s not the first one to laugh –, whether it be a simple squeeze of your hand or a hug. It also helps if you keep a copy of your script in your sleeves or in your bouquet.

Not everything in life is predictable. As such, in occasions like these, make sure you had already reviewed everything the day before the wedding so that it’ll just be smooth sailing from then on. It is important to keep in mind that you don’t fuss over the littlest of details and instead focus more on making memories. If you’re lucky with your choice, you only have one wedding day. Cherish it. Laugh it off, and let it go.