What Does It Mean To Be Engaged?

Being Engaged: Stepping Up the Commitment Level?

Being engaged now isn’t just as simple as talking to your partner about getting married. It’s more of a process and is considered to be an event now than anything else. So, how did a simple agreement between two people become a big deal?

Nowadays, an engagement is considered to be the next step to getting married. It’s also considered to be the bridge between being in a steady relationship to finally waiting to walk down the aisle with your special someone. But what does it really mean to be engaged?

Technically speaking to be engaged in terms of a serious romantic relationship is to “having formally agreed to marry”. In that sense, engagement is the pre-requisite of being married. It doesn’t really have to be fancy with all the proposal videos and celebrations. It can be just as simple as talking about it over dinner. But again, it also signifies that you and your partner are ready to take your relationship to the next level. So, this can be the reason why it can be considered to be a momentous occasion that needs to be documented. Either way, whichever you prefer, it’s really up to you and your partner.

There’s no such rule on how long a couple should be engaged before their big day. There are some misconceptions that long engagements aren’t sensible. People might be asking why you should get engaged if you’re not planning on getting married? It’s all up to you! But you can think of it as a betrothal so it can be differentiated to a normal and serious long-term relationship. Being engaged is actually a public declaration of a couple’s intent to be wed. In other terms, it’s like a contract, but it’s kind of an unwritten and informal one. When it comes to what binds the engagement, it’s simply the love and trust you have for your partner.

If, however, you and your partner are the kinds of couple who are leaning more towards the practical side, you might consider all the costs that come with being engaged. For one, almost every time that being engaged means having an engagement ring. You can look at it as a pre-wedding ring and would also serve as a promise between you and your partner regarding your agreement. Although there are no certain rules to which rings you should get for your partner or what you should spend on during your engagement, some people try to steer away from this event due to the additional costs. This event can come with a hefty price! However, it can be confusing to some people who are used to the norm that engaged people usually have an engagement ring. And they also have trouble on what to address their partner – should they be called fiancée/fiancé or still boyfriend/girlfriend?

Generally speaking, when couples are engaged, they know that the next step for them is to get married. Couples use this opportunity for them to be able to plan and prepare for their day. Regardless of all the necessities that come with it, it’s important that both partners understand what it truly means to be engaged.