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Your Wedding Planning Timeline: A One-Year Roadmap

No smart bride rushes through a wedding preparation. We know that you’re excited to become Mr. & Mrs., but learn to hold your horses!

If you want to make sure that your big wedding day is going to be perfect, you must carefully plan all the details.

“But there are dozens of details when it comes to weddings!” We know, and we’re here to guide you through every single one.

10-12 Months to Becoming Mr. & Mrs.

If you’re not in rush (nobody needs to be!), it is best to take a year to plan your wedding. This gives you enough time to plan all the details. The more time you have, the less stressed you will be, the less room for mistakes.

Set your wedding date
Be mindful of the weather, availability of the location, and schedule of your guests. Pick a good date in the summer if you’re considering a beach wedding. The cooler months of the year are perfect for low-key weddings if you want something cozy.

Know your budget
Always keep your expenses in mind. If you have financial responsibilities, keep a separate account for the wedding. It is best to have a complete budget for the wedding before you spend on anything.
Think about the location, theme, food, budget-wise. “Is this something we can afford?” How much are you able to shell out in the first place?

Number of guests
How big is the wedding going to be? A year before your wedding, have a complete list of guests and send out your save the dates. Make sure that you have also confirmed their attendance.

Secure the location
Maximize your use of time when it comes to selecting the best destination for your wedding. Find budget-friendly spaces, such as venues that provide the use of furniture. Book in advance to make sure that everything is secure.

6 Months to Becoming Mr. & Mrs.

Attire, accessories, bridal party, shoes
Some women take forever to choose shoes for a corporate party. When it comes to a wedding, it will definitely take longer than a day. Start making decisions about what to wear 6 months before the wedding. It will also give you time to consider making customizations.

Hotel, flowers, gifts, and music
Secure hotel rooms for guests’ and personal use. Make it as close to the wedding venue as possible. At the same time, decide on choosing a florist and a wedding band to play your music. Booking these several months before your wedding can earn you discounts and avoid schedule conflicts.

Select your videographer and photographer
This is the perfect time for an engagement photoshoot! You can also use these photos for your invitations – which you’re supposed to send out months before the wedding.

4 Months to Becoming Mr. & Mrs.

Transportation and reception rentals
Decide on your perfect wedding car. Figure out the layout and general theme of your reception. Make sure you have secured rentals for all necessary furniture.

Honeymoon and rehearsal dinner venue
The honeymoon location can be a different place from the wedding venue. Make it as memorable as possible! If you’re having a rehearsal dinner, secure a location for that as well.

Makeup artist and make-up trials
You can’t choose the perfect lip color right on your wedding day! A few months before you become Mrs., make sure you’ve found the right shades on your makeup trial.

2 Months to Becoming Mr. & Mrs.

Menu and wedding cake
At least a month or two before your wedding, sample and choose all the food you want to serve. If you are on a tight budget, the dessert course won’t be completely necessary; a good cake will suffice.

Prepare your ceremony with the officiant
Coordinate with a pastor/reverent/priest and go over the fine details of the ceremony. It is time to write your vows and go over the general program of the wedding.

Send out invitations, buy a guest book, and secure necessary documents
Your wedding invitations must be in the hands of all your guests by now. Confirm your final guest count.

Your marriage license and other documents (such as change of name and address) must be prepared.

Fittings and speeches
Lastly, don’t forget to break into your wedding shoes! It is a must that you feel 100% comfortable on your wedding day. Familiarize yourself with the speeches to avoid the jitters.

Happy Hitching!

Ditch the popular idea that wedding planning is downright stressful. If you have enough time on your hands, it can be smooth as a breeze.

Just save this list and follow the right order of things to take care of. You will soon be on your happily-married way and we wish you the best!