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“Besides giving us an incredible film, they helped create memories that we will never forget.”

What an amazing experience!!!

Let me start off by saying that my fiancé and I have been to tons of weddings throughout the tri-state area. The first thing that we promised ourselves when we got engaged was that we would avoid the traditional, cookie cutter wedding at all costs. We wanted our reception to be fun and to be more of a reflection of who we were as a couple. So, when it was time to officially announce the date of our wedding, we wanted something truly original.

We quickly recognized that our friends were probably not looking to add to their save-the-date magnet or postcard wedding collections (insert couple gazing at each other in a pair of jeans and t-shirt). So when we found out that NST offered video save-the-dates, we were simply over the moon.

I was pretty nervous during my initial consultation. I really thought that I would be laughed out of the room when I told them my idea of featuring our Venetian themed masquerade concept into our video. I wanted to let them know that I wanted something a bit over the top and dramatic. Not only did NST “get” my concept, but they helped me push my ideas even further.

And just when I thought things couldn’t get any better…the actual shoot turned out to be one of the best experiences that we’ve had as an engaged couple. Besides giving us an incredible film, they helped create memories that we will never forget. Moo went out of his way to really make sure that we felt comfortable and that we got every shot that we discussed during our timeline. Our session actually went over the two hours and not once did Moo or his team make us feel like they were in a rush. The team was absolutely meticulous in capturing shots from different angles and viewpoints. We received our video about a week ago and couldn’t be happier.

It was truly amazing working with NST and I would fully recommend them to any couple. Their work is fantastic!

-Je’Nean on The Wedding Channel

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