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“Cinematic, professional, high quality film where you become a movie star!”

NST Pictures filmed our wedding last month (August 2012). Goodbye to the days of the 80’s style cheesy and low quality home video wedding. Hello to cinematic, professional high quality film where you become a movie star!

My husband and I were reluctant to hire videographers for our wedding as many of the companies we had seen were still producing the standard of video you find on ‘America’s funniest home videos’ whilst charging about the same as NST pictures.

Moo Jae and Thomas were our cinematographers for our special day. They arrived early even before everyone else, they were incredibly patient, courteous and professional. They captured all the special moments and their presence was so unimposing that most of the time we forgot they were there.

They both worked really hard, I know as their day was probably longer than ours and I was exhausted by the end of it. We had our wedding in two places, we got ready in midtown at the reception venue and our ceremony was in the west village. Moo Jae and Thomas had their own transport and were where they should have been at all times, in fact, I don’t even know how they managed to film us leaving one place and film us arriving at the next! They must have their logistics down and that[‘]s no small feat to navigate NYC traffic on a Saturday.

I have nothing but good to say about them, its rare to meet people who do their job so well and put in so much. I guess they must love their work as it shows.

We received our first trailer about a week after the wedding and two more longer trailers shortly afterwards. They were really excellent with keeping us in the loop on what was going on. The videos they produced were amazing, beautifully edited with nice music choices. All our friends and family were wowed by how professional and gorgeous they were.

I know how crazy stressful organizing a wedding can be. Its such a big expensive one off event and I worried about everything, from the cake to the flowers. But if you choose these guys you don’t have to worry one bit and you sure won’t be disappointed.

Also don’t worry that there aren’t many reviews out there for NST Pictures yet as they are really new to NYC but they work like they’ve been here a decade.

– Sam on The Wedding Channel

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