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“The first draft was the final draft. I cried when I watched it.”

I used NST Pictures for my “Save the Date” video.

There’s really nothing negative that I can say about NST. I really hate giving top scores across the board when rating something, but in this case, I just can’t fault them for anything. From the beginning of scheduling the 1st appointment… down to the final product… everything was impeccable.

From the beginning… They worked with me on the date, I wanted to wait a few months until it warmed up to use the promotion I got at a wedding event, they were totally understanding of that. My first in-person meeting with Daniella was incredibly friendly and professional. Honestly, I wasn’t sure what level of professionalism and expertise to expect since I got the “Save the Date” video as a promotion. But they were stellar – super professional, very personal, you can tell they care about your story, your ideas…

Onto the shoot… Daniella, Mu, and I’m terrible I’ve gotten the other girls name… That trio was amazing! Try filming in a congested city full of people everywhere, it’s chaotic! They got permission from restaurants to shoot. They knew how to work with through the craziness of the city. And they stay patient on top of it! I was very impressed how cool they remained all the way down to the 4th hour of shooting. And they always worked for “the best shot”… different angles, lets do this again, paying attention to the small details, and being creative and inspired by something they’d see as we were walking.

Final product… Didn’t even need a revision. The first draft was the final draft. I cried when I watched it. It was edited to make sense. It was light-hearted and cute. I love it ????

I would absolutely recommend them to friends. And if my wedding were local I’d use them as a videographer.

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