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“I literally cannot imagine a more perfect wedding video to look back and watch as my husband and I get older”

If you are looking for an affordable, professional and talented wedding videographer, NST Pictures is it! I knew I wanted a film of our wedding ever since I could remember but when I was looking around and seeing all the sky high price tags I started to get worried. Then Istumbled upon NST. I watched about 100 of their videos and shot an email to them immediately when I saw their pricing. Everything from communication, to planning, to filming was seamless and stress free. They were always quick to respond via email and made themselves available to talk on the phone when necessary. I’m also a planner and micro manager but with NST I never felt the need to worry or be involved because they handled everything with such ease. Their thorough questionnaire also helped because I was able to put everything I was hoping for and what was important to me down on paper for them to reference. I even let them select the music for the film, and it was just right! And while I may be biased, I literally cannot imagine a more perfect wedding video to look back and watch as my husband and I get older. I will 100% recommend NST to all of my friends who are getting married and looking for a videographer. The only thing I wish we had gotten a better angle of film of was when we were walking down the aisle after kissing and people thew confetti. The videographer was on the side of the ceremony so he only captured our profiles. I think though that this may have been due to a lack of communication from my wedding planner and not the fault of the videographer. Still the video is amazing 😀

– Kristin on The Knot

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“I think the price is very fair considering the high quality of their work and the professional standard that they set for every interaction.”