perfect wedding videographer

“[They] truly took the time to ensure EVERYTHING was perfect for us”

NST pictures is amazing!

NST Pictures was fantastic!! My husband and I had sooooo much fun posing and dancing and laughing throughout the process – we truly had the most perfect day and night!

We also had many guests come up to us to compliment us (like we had anything to do with it?!) on Abe’s skills as a videographer!! People were so impressed by his ability to capture the moment from every angle as a one man army! Abe truly took the time to ensure the lighting, background – EVERYTHING was perfect for us. We can tell [he] totally knocked it out of the park!! We also really appreciated Abe’s calming presence which helped keep both of us grounded and present in the moment.

Some of our guests even asked for our videographer’s information for future events – if that doesn’t say it all then I don’t know what will!! Tina at NST Pictures was also incredible throughout all of our wedding planning. The team there are so responsive, helpful, and excited to share in wedding planning!

We are so sad our wedding is over, but we are looking back grinning because it was better than we ever could have imagined. Abe and NST Pictures helped to create such a priceless day for us and we can’t wait to get our films back!!!!”

– Becky via WeddingWire

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