3 Priam Vineyards Wedding Videos: Rustic Elegance

Imagine this: a gorgeous estate perched atop a rolling hill under Connecticut’s Gold Coast sun, surrounded by 40 acres of pastoral vineyards and wineries offering world class wines. Can you start to see why a Priam Vineyards wedding is so coveted by happy couples in the area? Romantic and whimsical, it’s one of our dreamiest places to film, and below, you will be able to see the idyllic charm in action via three of our wedding films!

Nick and Tim hosted an beautifully emotional wedding ceremony with acres of vineyard on both sides. Even their officiant couldn’t help tearing up, and we were secretly wiping away happy tears too! They then reunited with their guests in a vibrant reception under a tent and danced the night away in celebration of their unified love.

We’re shedding tears once again from Ashley and Michael’s vows! Their shared focus on family was clearly seen in their celebration as they exchanged their vows in an open field with mile-long views of the New England countryside around them. A wooden swing and tall green foliage added the perfect element of rustic elegance to their special day.

The lush green landscape of Priam Vineyards really brought out the beautiful vibrancy of Elizabeth and Ramesh’s fall color theme. The late afternoon sun cast a lovely golden glow over their wedding, and we love that the happy couple injected so much of their personality into the reception decor, making it a unique wedding that they will happily reflect upon for years to come!

Priam Vineyards :: NST Pictures Connecticut Wedding Videographer

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