5 Tips for a Downton Abbey Inspired Wedding

The 1920’s elegant style from Downton Abbey is a perfect theme for your wedding, and with the film version coming out in theaters this week, what’s a better time than now to start collecting some ideas on how to add an Edwardian flair to your wedding? Although you may not be drowning in that Crawley-level money, these simple tips can help you host a memorable Downton Abbey inspired wedding.

A Vintage Look for Her

The wedding dress we know of today wasn’t always so white. A Downton Abbey inspired wedding dress doesn’t have to look as “old fashioned” as Lady Mary’s when she married Matthew Crawley. What Lady Mary wore isn’t exactly a bright white dress. A simple off-white yet modern and elegant dress can add a touch of Downton Abbey.

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A Dapper Look for Him

The men in the wedding party have a lot to play around with too for that vintage, upscale look. To really nail the Downton Abbey look, the men can consider wearing morning suits. Nothing says dapper like that long-tail and top hat.

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Location, Location, Location

If you’re able to do so, an old church or an old castle in the English countryside is a quintessential piece to your Downton Abbey wedding. If the English countryside isn’t a viable option, try and find somewhere that will closely match the ambiance. In their article about rustic wedding ideas, the team at BBJ Linen suggests “rolling hills, horse barns, [or] windswept bluffs near [a] shore” to make it feel more like you’re living the life of the Crawley family.


You might want to reconsider driving to the wedding venue in your modern-day car. Although the cars weren’t that prevalent yet by the early 1900s, the Crawley family sure had enough money for them. It will probably be hard to find a car from the early 1900s that isn’t in a museum, so try to find something that looks like it could be from that era. One New Yorker who married in the English countryside rode to the ceremony in a “1971 Rolls Royce,” according to brides.com.


So far you have everything to get you to your ceremony, but what about the reception? That’s where certain color patterns can help you create that beautiful 1920’s look.

First up, soft blues. According to an article about vintage weddings, use a soft blue mixed china pattern along with white and soft blue tones for everything from florals to tablecloths. A classic white wedding cake completes the look. Want something a little brighter? Then let’s talk pinks. A “sheer overlay with tones of palest pink and deep rose,” according to BBJ Linen, is the perfect way to go vintage.

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Party: Throwback Style

Whether you want to add just a little Downton Abbey flair or want an all-out Downton-themed wedding, I hope we’ve given you some great ideas on having a wedding that pays tribute to Downton Abbey – and maybe, just maybe, one that Violet Crawley would want to attend.

Need some more inspiration? Take a look at our library of wedding films here, and while you’re at it, why not schedule a quick phone appointment with us to chat? Trust us when we say we’ve seen it all…

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