A Rustic Tralee Farm Wedding Video

Mark and Mara had a beautiful, rustic wedding at Tralee Farm in Kingston, New York.

Adorn and glamorize your wedding venue a la Mara and Marks’s style!

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The couple’s framed guest list with their corresponding table is a chic and smart way to keep your wedding guests organized. This is the perfect time to let your friends and family mingle and get-to-know each other.

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Let your guests know where they’re headed! Mara and Mark’s wooden sign with the word “ceremony” painted in white, surely wouldn’t go unnoticed.


Get up close and personal with nature.

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This couple surely knows how to make the most of what the Tralee Farm has to offer. Mara and Mark made sure that they were able to explore the beauty of the majestic Hudson Valley paradise. Look at that milk and chocolate colored mare—even the couple couldn’t resist patting this lovely creature.

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The couple enjoying a lovely walk before facing each other at the altar as husband and wife.


Savor and capture the moments.

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These ladies have the most gorgeous, genuine smiles! The gorgeous bride with her equally stunning bridesmaids wore pastel dresses in pink and orange shades.

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We love the simple baby’s breath bouquets. Here comes the handsome groom with his dashing set of groomsmen.

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Finally, with the presence of all the people dearest to their hearts and their handmade paper backdrop blowing in the breeze—Mara and Mark seal their love with a kiss!

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