NYC Wedding Planner Shares Tips on Affording Wedding Videography

It’s no secret that weddings can be expensive, but that’s all the more reason why a well-crafted artistic wedding video is an essential investment in preserving all those memories!

Our good friend and wedding planner Michelle of Michelle Elaine Weddings recently sat down to discuss her views on the importance of budgeting for a wedding video after going through her own wedding in New York City, which we had the honor of filming! Below, find her tips on affording wedding videography with a peek into her own wedding as well as an inspired shoot we collaborated on together!

“After being a bride myself and knowing what I know now, I would have totally regretted it if I didn’t have video” – Michelle

real bride 2 - NYC Wedding Planner Shares Tips on Affording Wedding Videography

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Loving the different styles of photography shown and videography.. you guys show you capture all the memories!!!


This is a bit last minute. I have looked at my budget again and initially I thought I couldn’t afford a videographer but I really would like a video of our wedding day, but this is all depending on the cost and whether you are available on the 2nd of June 2018. Please can you send me your packages to have a look at.


Kind regards,

Hi Bianca,

We would love to be considered but don’t have your email address to send you packages. Please fill out this form and we will send info directly to your email ASAP – click here



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