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Winning a videography package would mean the world to me and my fiance. Your films are gorgeous and it would be a beautiful way to remember the best day of our lives.

We would love to win a wedding package from NST Pictures! My fiance does video production for a local university and he is very impressed with your cinematography and noted that you have top notch skills. If you pass his discerning test I am confident that you are the right people for the job!

Hi Aja,

Sounds like your fiance knows what he’s talking about! 🙂 Don’t leave your wedding memories up to chance – set up a consultation with us to see how we can fit into your big day! https://nstpictures.com/investment-availability

Me and my fiancé would love to win this because we are having a destination vacation wedding! We love bringing our family down to Orlando Florida for vacationing so this destination is very near and dear to our hearts. The video would capture a lifetime of memories, capturing our family and friends on our big day! It would make us so happy to see the looks on everyone’s faces and their reactions years down the line on the video. It is a creative piece we would love to add to our special day. We always said we want our wedding to be a reflection of us, and this would be perfect since we both love sharing videos and pictures online with the friends and family.

My Fiance and I would truly love to win this video package for our October 2016 wedding! We are currently saving and paying for our whole wedding ourselves and a videographer is just not in our budget at all. It would really complete our special day to have it documented in this way. I know there are many other worthy couples, but please consider us! <3

Having someone who can capture what is in our hearts would be the best wedding gift of all. I hope to be the lucky winner!

All of my friends tell me that one of the most important things I can get is a wedding videographer. I feel like without one, I’ll be missing out on all the things the videographer can catch, all the stories I’ll hear about but never see.

Thanks for an amazing giveaway! I would love to win this package for our wedding next November 🙂

This would be a wonderful contest to win. A videographer is the one thing I am not getting for my wedding on September 6th due to lack of funds. I know its something everyone should have but cutbacks have to be made somewhere! Thanks for the contest!!

It would be absolutely amazing to win this videography package. All of my friends that have gotten married are pushing for me to hire a videographer.. winning one would be a million times more awesome! Who ever wins this is super lucky 🙂

My fiancé and I have been together 5 years and will be engaged for 1yr by the time of our wedding. We’ll be married in NYC, overlooking the east river with a breath taking view of the Manhattan skyline… With family flying in from far and wide – this day will also be the first time our immediate families are meeting – EVER. I couldn’t imagine a better way to capture this milestone of a lifetime, than with a cinematic production from NST Pictures!!

Seeing these videos make me realize that I’d love to be able to look back on what people said, who was there, and those hilarious moments that might otherwise just be memories fade over time.

Matthew and I would LOVE to win this cinematic package because it would help us capture all the little details that make up our special day. Coming from a huge Egyptian and Italian family, I know we can only have the best of the best videographers to celebrate with us.


Matt and Mon

I really think it’s awesome that you’re doing this and I hope I’m lucky enough to win my fiancé Andrew and I would love to have a lasting memory of our big day! Really love your work and how detailed and thoughtful your final product is.
This would be a great opportunity to also share our big day with my fiance’s father who will not be able to attend the wedding due to huntington’s disease.

With such large families, my fiancé & I had to increase our wedding budget significantly, which leaves us less money in the non-per-person categories (photography, floral, music, & videography). We would LOVE to be able to have memories recorded of our families on our wedding day for our children & grandchildren to watch one day. Winning this videography package would mean the world to us!

My fiance and I are on a very tight budget and paying for everything ourselves. That means that a lot of my big Italian family will not be able to attend and having a video of our day would be great to show at the pot luck my parents are throwing for my family that isn’t going to be there on our special day and to send to my fiance’s friends that are still deployed and won’t be able to be there to celebrate with their combat brother.

My fiance and I have been on the fence about hiring a videographer. After viewing your work, it seems like something we shouldn’t go without! Winning this package would be an amazing way to remember our special day!

Winning the video package would be amazing! As much as I’d love a wedding video, I’m really not sure we can fit it into our budget. Winning one might be the only way!

I work in the photography and videography industry so having someone incredible at my wedding is very important to me! I LOVE your work and would LOVE to have you film our Big Fat Greek Wedding!

Having a photographer to preserve moments is always amazing, but to have someone there to capture the emotion of seeing each other for the first time, sharing the first kiss as a married couple, our first dance, and the love of our family and friends; and allow us to relive it whenever we want is just beyond words. I can’t wait to share my forever with my fiance Chris, and I would love to have the first day that forever started on film.
Your work is stunning and the memories you provide are priceless!!!

My fiance and I would love to win this amazing giveaway. It would mean so much to us to have great videography to capture our happy day. We’ve been together for 11 years and will be getting marry next year, 12 years together since high school! Your work is gorgeous and this is a wonderful giveaway you are doing, thank you.

My fiancé would be so incredibly grateful to win the videography package, as we would love nothing more than to be able to relive our special day time and time again through film! Thank you for the opportunity!

Thanks for the chance to win such an awesome package. Great idea!

Thanks for giving a chance to win a videography package!

Winning a videography package would mean the world to me and my fiance. We absolutely fell in love with your videos on your website. The wedding day is a time of joy and unfortunately we are not able to be everywhere during the day so there may be precious memories that we do not get to experience, but would love to. This is why we feel that a videographer is so important. A photographer is important and can still capture wonderful memories, but you tend to forget the little things that led up to that picture so it is nice to see it on video too! Our ultimate goal is to be able to pull out the video from time to time as the years go bye and remember what it is all about and where we began and how much we have grown. It is those memories that will continue to put a smile on our faces for year to come so it will be nice to be able to relive it whenever we want! 🙂

Your films are absolutely gorgeous! This sweepstakes is really wonderful. Thanks for providing a chance to help an engaged couple save some $$$ on their wedding day!

Hiring a videographer has always been a definite for us, but unfortunately we can’t afford the quality we want. Your videos are great and we’d love to have you film our wedding.

It was a joy to see all of the beautiful memories you have captured through your videography. Just the other day I was doing some research looking for a videographer to use for our special day and I check my email and see this “Win an all inclusive…. And I just had to see what your guys were all about. To say that It would be such a blessing and an honor to have you guys be with us on our special day wouldn’t begin to express the joy we would have if we did win. God bless you guys in all that you do..

Such beautiful and artistic work you do! With both my fiancé and I being artists, and friends who work in video production we appreciate completely the thought and artistic detail that goes into a creative piece such as these. It would be an honor to have artistic talent of this caliber capture the essence of a creative wedding of two fellow artists!

Beautiful work! What a talented team you have, and I’d love to win for our wedding next July! Thank you for the offer.

Hi, my fiancé and I would love to be able to have you guys at our wedding. We’re young and doing it all on our own so to win something so wonderful as this really would mean the world to us and take a load off our shoulders. Everything about you guys is wonderful and I hope you choose us.

This would be the best engagement gift ever!!!!

OMG I’d LOVE to win!!!!

My fiance and I cannot afford a videography package, and I have my heart set on one. It was difficult enough for us to afford a basic photography package, and even that was a stretch. I am a fairly new homeowner, and I am working my way through grad school. This would be a dream come true!

Congrats on your new home, Kristen! It is definitely tough, which is why we provide personalized payment plans and packages that start under $1000. It’s a long term investment that will be worth far more to your family in the next 50 years than the cost of it now. Hope we can work something out for you 🙂

Weddings in New Jersey are crazy! As a young bride, I’ve had to choose one thing or another for many pieces of my wedding. I am torn between being a good daughter and not racking up the bill, but at the same time, I would love to be able to watch my wedding video and remember all of the details that I missed when I was caught up in the excitement of the day. I’m afraid I may regret not having a videographer, and winning this package would be incredibly helpful!

What a wonderful giveaway! A perfect way to preserve the happiest day of your life forever!!

We are getting married in an old brass foundry in Brooklyn, New York, and having a wonderful party joining two big families this September 13th, 2015. We decided to think along the lines of “champagne with a straw”, in other words classy with ease. Our wedding is a mix of art deco glamour and 70’s clean line masculine touches. My fiancé and I met in preschool, went through 3rd grade together. He moved and we did’t know each other for 20 years before we re-met and started dating after Richard chased me down! He was my kindergarten crush and the love of my life. We are paying for our own wedding and everyone tells us not to skip on the video, but it’s a bit our of our reach and I don’t think we will have a video otherwise.

We are three weeks from our wedding and everyone keeps telling us to get a videographer to capture all the little moments, but it is just a little outside of our budget. We are joining two big families at an old church in Brooklyn and partying in a non-traditional reception at an old brass foundry also in Brooklyn. We know our wedding will be fun and would love to preserve all the beautiful and crazy moments. We are paying for our own wedding which is tough because I am a graduate student doing breast cancer research and little funds coming in. This package would mean the world to us and our families.

Hi Julie, unfortunately your wedding date is not eligible to win. We may still be available! Give us a call at 855-642-6531 to find out!

My Fiance and I both would love a Videographer but aren’t sure it’s in our budget, we both lost a lot in hurricane sandy and are still building back out home … Winning this would be a dream come true!

Hi, I’m Mom of the groom. Your videos are terrific. I would love to have my son and his fiance to win the video package since there is a lot of tension going on with the cost of a wedding.

It would be super awesome to win . Our Egyptian wedding is going to be simple but yet super rich wedding ceremony we are on super tight budget so we won’t do reception . We have been on a long distance relationship for 2 years and we would love to be granted with such a great gift from a super talented videographer like u guys . Our wedding will be in Tampa Florida in May 30 ( we can make it on 29 if u will be available too :D)
I bet it’s going to be ur fist Egyptian wedding 😉 😉

What a great contest! We definitely want videography for our wedding and would have never heard about you guys if it weren’t for the contest! Fingers crossed hope we win! Thanks for giving us this opportunity!

A picture says a thousand words , but a video says and shows a lot more!! My fiancé and I are students and cannot afford a cinematographer, but would LOVE to win this contest and have you at our wedding! We are the first of our friends to get married and have a ton of young couples that are attending our wedding that willed cinematographers in the future! Pick us !!!!

I would love to have our wedding captured by amazing videographers like yourselves. I have always wanted something like this for our wedding but due to our limited budget we are unable to do this right now. I am currently getting my doctorate to become a Family Nurse Practitioner and my fiancee is the only one working! I love your work and would definitely appreciate have you guys capture our love story! Thanks so much for this opportunity!

My wedding date is 10-1-16 and I never could have imagined that I would be someone’s bride, let alone sharing the moment with all my family and friends. As most couples, we are paying for the wedding on our own. The wedding is the same year that my daughter is turning 16. She dreams to have a Sweet 16th Birthday Party, but I cannot afford both. Winning this package would help us greatly with our budget and will allow us to throw her the party of her dreams.

This is our year!! We are going to win. I will speak it into existence.


My fiancee and I would be more than happy if were to win a videography package. Due to our budget constraints, it’s been a headache with each aspect of planning. However, we still look forward to our wedding and am excited for the big day. With a videography package, it will help us look back at the magic in our wedding as well as share it with our children and hopefully, grand children, one day.

What a wonderful opportunity. Every penny counts in planning our special day and finding an experienced photographer to capture our day with all of our family to cherish forever and getting all of that for free!!! That would be so great!!

Hi Christina, We actually don’t offer photography services–we only do videography so we can truly be the expert in our field without dividing our talents! Take a look at our work: https://nstpictures.com/wedding-films/

The cinematography from NST is breathtaking! NST is the only company my fiancé is willing to consider for our wedding video. We would love to win!

My fiancé and I would love to win this as saving every penny for our future counts! My fiancé and I save everything from paper notes to many the pictures we own since the day we first met! We would definitely treasure this prize and it would be the most sentimental thing we would truly love for our August 28, 2016 wedding!

Videography is one of the most important parts of a wedding (after picking the right groom/best friend to marry of course!) and this is an incredible opportunity to win a gift to last forever, literally. as I’m sure it will get passed on to our future children’s children 😉 but that’s another story.

best of luck picking a winner!!

it’s a nice gift and a very cool ideea for the groom and bride 🙂 We only hope that we are lucky enough to win such an amazing experience… But, by the way, will you go evrywhere in the world? For example, if we win, will you come in a contry, in Europe? It will be more than a dream 🙂

To capture love in motion (I mean a wedding day sorry not the 70s porn kind) on a artistic medium is a true gift. Memories may fade and the bride and groom may miss the sweetest moments whilst being trapped in a conversation with aunt Mildred (ok, I don’t have an aunt Mildred, but you catch my drift).

To see a visual tapestry of vows exchanged, festive food, toasting to the future, and dancing the night away is priceless.

To capture love in motion in an artistic medium is a true gift (I’m referring to a beautiful garden wedding not some 70s porno). The Bride and groom are inevitably going to be trapped by an Aunt Mildred monologue and may miss the sweetest moments.

To see a visual tapestry of our spiritual exchange of vows, woven with images of festive food, toasting to the future, and dancing the night away is priceless.

To capture love in motion (a beautiful garden wedding, not the 70s porno kind) in an artistic medium is a great gift! Memories fade, and as bride and groom we will inevitably be trapped in a monologue by Auntie Mildred whilst missing sweet moments experienced by other guests.

To see a visual tapestry of our spiritual exchange of vows woven with images of festive food, our toasting to the future amongst loved ones, and dancing the night away is simply priceless.

Hey Christina! I just saw your wedding website and it’s gorgeous! We actually just filmed a wedding there! Check out the trailer film: https://nstpictures.com/portfolio/tara-matthew-pennsylvania-wedding-videographer/

Happy Thursday,

Phenomenal video! Which ever bride wins this is blessed… Good luck to us all <3


I think cinematography is one of the most valuable aspects in planning for a wedding. I would love to be able to share the memory of my ceremony with my future kids and my fiance’s family. That being said, unfortunately my fiance and I are opting out of cinematography as it is out of our budget. We are having 2 weddings receptions, one in the US and one in my fiance’s home country in Kosovo. His family will not be able to attend the wedding ceremony here so winning the videography package would be so amazing so we can share our special day with them as well.

We would definitely love to win this. In this moment we are no able to afford something this spectacular. I arrived to this country 9 months ago trying to built a life here in the US and he had to stay in Colombia. In a couple months we are going to make true our dream but unfortunately his family is not going to be able to come. So have a memory like this will make them feel like if there were here. Your videos are amazing we were so impressed about it and after seen this. We are going to have a winter wedding at the brownstone in Paterson, Nj and I have made every single piece by scratch. Thank you for the opportunity it would me the world to us and we would have the most espectacular memory for the rest of our lifes.

Winning the all-inclusive wedding video package would mean the world to us. We know the day will go by in a blur, but those memories will last forever. What better way to capture that then through an artistic video? NST Pictures, I loved every video I watched.

My fiancé and I would love to be able to have a video of our wedding day! It will be very big stepping stone in our lives and having it on video would be amazing!

My fiancé and I have been struggling to figure out how we will pay for a venue in our budget, let alone videography. It would be an incredible gift for us to win this. I feel if we skip video we will regret it later. Please consider us. We are looking at Oct 2016, but don’t have an exact date yet.

Hi Sherron–The sweepstakes is random, however, we have to be available on your wedding date for you to win. We are already booking up October 2016 dates so we recommend that you put down a deposit soon if you want us to be there. Good luck!

I am entering the videography giveaway, not so much for me, but genuinely for my fiance.

Having just gotten out of the Marine Corps after nine years, he has missed many moments. He has watched from overseas or across the country as family and friends have been engaged, married, or had babies. For someone who cares about their family and friends as MUCH as he does, he deserves to have this moment in his life documented properly, so that he can relive the day with the people he was so far from for so many years- over, and over again. If there’s one thing I need to stress, it’s that this man NEVER does for himself. He took his severance, a symbol of his entire time in the Marine Corps, and used it to put a down payment on a house I wanted, as well as, secretly and without asking me, paying off a large chunk of my loans. He did not do ANYTHING for himself.

We just moved back to New Jersey after completing a special duty assignment in WA State. It was there that he proposed, almost TWO years ago. Being so far away from family, friends, and any sort of amenities, we have not yet done ONE thing to plan for our wedding. We assumed when we came back to New Jersey we would start planning, but dealing with his transition the budget has simply not been there. As we begin to plan, this would mean the world to us. We simply, cannot afford it otherwise.

Thank you for sharing your story, Emily. Good luck!

Pictures can be worth a thousand words but videos speak for themselves. It would be amazing to have such a wonderful memento of our special day to watch for years to come. Especially with the high cost of weddings these days, this might be something that some couples would not be able to afford otherwise. I hope to be the lucky winner!

Thank you so much for the opportunity to win a video package! I love all of NST Pictures’ films <3 I'm keeping my fingers & toes crossed that you pick me and my amazing fiancee!

My fiance and I would love to have a videographer capture what photography misses on our special day at Christmas-time in New York City. Thank you for the opportunity!

Winning a video package for our wedding from NST Pictures would be a blessing. My fiance and I have looked into cinematographers for our wedding but no one has quite caught our attention. Also, we decided to take video out of the wedding since it was causing our budget to go over. My fiance is from Texas and I live in NJ so we are spending a lot on travel and accommodations for our family. I would be blessed to win a video package as it would be one thing I could look back at and relive after the wedding, since I’ve heard the day goes by in the blink of an eye and you dont experience or see everything that goes on, and I know with NST Pictures, I could rely on that video to fill me in. Good luck to all!

You guys are true artists. I love that you specialize in only videography. Your videos capture the best moments. I think it’s so important to have an expert doing your videography, the day passes so quickly. These videos make you feel like you are still living the moments. My Fiancé and I would be honored and greatful to win. Best of luck to everyone who entered but I do hope we win ;))

My fiancé and I would love to capture our special wedding day at The NoMad Hotel at Christmastime in New York City on film!!! Thanks for the opportunity to win 🙂

Hi Casandra! Is your wedding this year? If so, you aren’t eligible to win the sweepstakes. If you’re interested in talking to us about capturing your big day, fill out this form: https://nstpictures.com/investment-availability/ Can’t wait to hear from you!

Winning a wedding package from NST Pictures would be a dream come true for my fiance and I! Our love story is we met in high school at age 16 and we have been together for 9 years. We have a beautiful 3 year old daughter together and sealing our commitment with marriage for our family means the world to all of us. Having those precious moments captured and being able to tell my story through my wedding pictures to my kids and future grand kids would be absolutely amazing! Pictures really do tell a story and keep the memory alive. I would be forever grateful if I won this beautiful package. Thank you!

Would love to win. Our budget is super tight. We are trying to buy a house, plan a wedding, and take care of our 1 year old daughter. She had a ton of medical expenses when she was born, she was a super preemie.

Anoushka Shookoonsingh

My fiancé Pankaj and I would love to win this beautiful NST Pictures videography package. We believe your work would be the perfect way to capture our Indian wedding and bring it to life. Our love story started back when I was in college. He came on campus and simply asked for directions. Then we went our separate ways. It took two additional run ins to realize this might be faith. And you know what it was faith. We have now been together for 5 years and will soon be married. Pankaj and I believe your work can truly capture the precious moment that will last a life time.

Winning the gift of a videographer on our wedding day would be a treasured experience. My Fiance and I are getting married next year in the same church and venue his parents were wed 35 years ago. We’re so excited to start our married life out surrounded by fond memories of his parents wedding but we want to also make our own memories there as well. Having a videographer capture the start of our lives together would be incredible but it’s also a luxury beyond our budget right now.
THANK YOU for this amazing opportunity!!

An artistic wedding video would be a fabulous way to capture our special day, unconditional romantic love and the smiling faces of all our guests. We would never have the opportunity to have a video this beautiful without the sweepstakes. The videos are absolutely gorgeous and capture the magic of weddings! Pick us!

I have been looking at dozens of wedding videographers since I got engaged in April! From the videos I have watched I am very pleased! I have started to get very excited when thinking about having a wedding video of my own someday!! You obviously do great work from what I have seen and all of the amazing reviews from people!! Can’t wait for my chance!!

My fiance and I would love nothing more than to have NST videograph our wedding and winning this package would mean the world to us and our family and help us out so much financially as we are trying to plan our wedding. Thank you for putting together this sweepstakes which is also fun to participate in 🙂

I would love to win this amazing package for my wedding!

I’m on a tight budget for my wedding and may not be able to afford a videographer, so winning this would be a dream come true!

I would love to win amazing package because we would love to have this lovely giving in our memory lane (happily ever after )

My Finance William and I are two designers who can appreciate an amazing artistic ability to capture light and emotion. We meet each other on a trip to Habitats for Humanity trying to give back to those in need. We appreciate the time and effort it takes to design and build beauty from images. we have great apparition for the craft of photography and video. Thanks for the opportunity to win something so amazing

Winning this would mean the world to me!! we can’t afford a videographer but are hiring a photographer. It would be amazing to capture the day in both video and photo so that we can remember this day forever and share it with our future child. Good luck everyone!!

My fiancé and I would love to win this. We have been together 9 years straight. photography has been a hobby of mine and I’ve been able to capture some great moments of our relationship. It would be amazing for someone else to take go behind the lens this time and capture our the day we get married!!

hey! We would be absolutely over the moon if we won a video package. We aren’t financially able to hire a videographer, and every day I am getting more and more depressed about it. We are getting hitched on December 10, 2015! ITS A THURSDAY! Our theme is the ” Enchantment Under the Sea Dance!” from Back to The Future! We are beyond excited to get to finally, after 6 years, become husband and wife. I would be in your debts if you could give us a video that we can remember and have for the rest of our lives!
Please choose Bryan and I! I promise you’ll have a great time, and we will make our children and our childrens children hire you guys for everything in the future!

I would love to have that once in a lifetime moment be captured on video so that whenever my fiance and i look back at our wedding we could remember it and the people who helped make it happen. I am planning to move my wedding earlier than usual since my grandpa isn’t doing well and i want him to be able to see me in my wedding and not be worried about me and my financial situations as well as his health.

Being that my fiancé just started his job a year ago and me just starting Veterinary school, it is not in our budget to hire a videographer. But watching your work makes me wish that Ben and I planned to get married a little later where we could afford to hire NST. Winning this would mean a lot and would be unimaginable. Good luck to all you future brides and thank you NST for having this giveaway and giving someone the chance to capture the best day ever for free.

Congratulations, we hope for the opportunity to make your dreams come true!

My fiance and I have been together 10.5 years and have just started our wedding planning (2.19.17)! We actually spent part of our first Valentine’s Day watching my parents’ wedding video (my family normally watches it every year on their anniversary, Valentine’s Day). With all that we’ve been through together, I’ve probably forgotten more than I remember, which is why having beautiful footage of our wedding is so important to me; I want to know that we can always look back to relive and remember the day to show our own children. Winning this package would be an incredible gift and hopefully allow us to use our money on other details that will otherwise be skipped.

Our budget is the tightest of tight so a giveaway videography package would be a dream!

Hi there! I have fallen in love with all of the videography I’ve seen of yours, and my fiance and I would love to win this package! We are just two people who are madly in love with each other, and no matter how much our wedding day costs, we are determined to have a blast, and to just spend the day laying the foundation for the rest of our lives! Thank you so much for having this contest; please pick us! 🙂

-Dale & Madison

I couldn’t imagine actually winning something – I’ve tried and tried and have never won anything. My fiance and I don’t have a lot to spend on our wedding so unfortunately we are having to go without a videographer — this would make our day so amazingly special!

Sara, stay positive love bug, anything is possible so long as you believe it is possible.

I would absolutely love to win this package. I feel that video is so super important in a wedding to capture all the special moments that a photo can’t. I would be elated to be able to share a wedding video with all my family and friends. This would mean so much to us!

Would love to win this for my daughter who is the bride

The love of my life and I are taking our vows next May. While I work myself to the bone in pursuit of a medical degree in service of our country, my incredible partner works 6 days a week to support us both. We do not have a videographer because it is simply out of our reach financially, and it took a lifetime to find each other; We cannot bear the thought of waiting several more years to profess our love and comittment to each other in front of the people we hold most dear, so this may be our only chance at having our special day set to film for memories we can look back on for the rest of our lives together. Fingers crossed!!!

Congratulations & best of luck to you!!

The thought of always being able to look back at this cinematic picture and hear the voices of our family, see the moments of walking down the aisle and all of the seconds we couldn’t see ourselves the day of- it’s simply priceless.

NST’s cinematography is very beautiful and artistic. Working in the creative world and being an artist myself, I appreciate the true meaning of one’s artistic vision. Every artist has their vision and every eye can interpret the work with their own meaning and what it represents to them. Artistic value comes from the heart and eyes of the beholder. That is what is so beautiful about the creative world. It can represent one or many things. It can warm the heart and soul in many ways.

Winning a package would mean to me tha miracles do happen to good people! It would be an honor to have NST be part of my wedding dream. Their creative, artistic and sophisticated cinematography has a wonderful flair that boasts about the wedding experience in a humble way. I can appreciate that.

Best wishes to everyone! May I be the lucky winner ? ??✈️??❤️?.

Loveee hearing from someone that shares the same adoration for film as we do, thank you so much for reaching out Melinda!

Would love a videographer at our wedding but our budget is super tight! I hope we win this giveaway because these memories we would cherish for a lifetime and it’s something our kids can have for years after we’re gone! NST does great work.

We would love a video to share our wedding day with friends and family for decades to come! Someone has to get evidence of those dance moves, so one day I can tell my grandkids I didn’t always have bad joints :). We can’t afford a video package on our own and our families are helping as much as they can. A free video package would mean the world to us!!!



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