This Simple Concept will Change Weddings Forever

In over 30 years in the wedding industry, we’ve seen wedding videography evolve from cheesy to artistic and cinematic, like the film below.


Unfortunately, the change has come with a hefty price tag. Due to the personalized, labor-intensive process, the price of wedding cinematography ranges from $3000 to $10,000+.

Our thoughts? That’s just not fair.

We believe that every wedding is worthy of a beautiful wedding film.

From $60,000 budgets to simple city hall ceremonies, every wedding should be documented–not just for the bride and groom to relive the romance of the day, but for the friends and family who couldn’t attend and for future generations to marvel at the past.

A wedding film is not just a simple souvenir from an event. It’s a family heirloom capturing the true essence of the union of two families.

Is there any other investment that could become more of a priceless item for your family?

We had to make wedding cinematography available to everyone, so we adopted a new concept:

1. We made it affordable.

Our cinematography packages start at $980. We’re able to offer a lower price than competitors because we streamlined the booking process. We even offer a price guarantee.

2. We made it easy.

Our packages only include coverage hours and crew, a cinematic short-film and the digital file. You can buy them as is or add on hours, films, cinematographers and other extras to customize it to your day and your budget.

Pick your package, make a phone, Skype or FaceTime appointment to answer any questions and book online. After booking, fill out our detailed questionnaire with all of the important details of your day and we’ll do the rest.

3. We held tight to our quality.

Just because we’re cheaper, doesn’t mean we’re going to skimp on quality. We’re all about giving you the best value for your money and offering a service and product that we’re proud to put our name on. But don’t take it from us; Check out our reviews.

If you’re looking for a no-hassle and inexpensive way to capture this fantastic day and create a beautiful family keepsake, start by watching our films to get a feel for our style. If you like it, head over here for pricing information and start building your package.


I just wanted to say that this blog is fantastic. Your videos capture the story people are telling on their special day. And the pictures are breathtaking! I hope that I can have these moments captured so beautifully on my wedding day!

My fiancee and I would love to capture our wedding. This wedding will be joining me n my children with him. He is an amazing man.

YES! Affordability. We all want beautiful wedding days, but we don’t want to go into debt. Some of the most basic needs are sometimes priced way out of our budget. And for those of us without artistic friends, DIY weddings (i wish) sound daunting. Thanks for being a bit more budget friendly.

Thanks, Naomi! We think everyone should be able to capture their special day through cinematography! If you haven’t filled out our form yet, let’s set up a time to chat! https://nstpictures.com/investment-availability/

What a tremendous way to remember the big day! Love the cinematography and intimate feel of the video – if only I could be so lucky to have this for my wedding 🙂

Wow! This work is beautiful! While this is considered art, I find it refreshing that a company with such talent believes that cinematography should be affordable and not out of reach- thank you.

We’re glad you see it our way, Katherine! If you’d like to get some more information about our packages, fill out our form here! https://nstpictures.com/investment-availability/

My fiancé and I met 5 years ago. He is my first and only love. He proposed at Rockerfeller center the night before Christmas Eve. I was least expecting it due to his family losing everything in hurricane sandy. It was the greatest gift anyone could ask for! We now are planning our wedding day… February 14,2015, what better day than Valentines day to exchange vows! Love will definitely be in the air that day not only for us, but for everyone celebrating with us. This would be an honor to win! Good luck to all contestants!

Where can I find information about your packages?

Hey Kristin–Just fill out this form and will email you our packages: https://nstpictures.com/investment-availability/

The pictures and videos are so amazing and heart-warming! Sooo excited for the contest!!!

Beautiful cinematography!

Can’t wait to get married! This would be an amazing way to capture the event forever!

I’m excited for the chance to win your services for my wedding! Everything looks amazing.

Can’t wait for the big day, we absolutely have to look into photographers…
a day as special as our wedding must be captured, every last detail.

You do such beautiful work! I would love to win the chance to have you film our wedding!!! Having a film at our wedding is the one thing I told my fiancé that we needed!! Please share with us the wonderful talent that you have!!! #PICKUS #PICKUS

Katherine Martinez

I love your work. I’ve looked into photography and videography and deem both as very important to hire the right person. I have some friends who wish they’ve done videography and others who have had horror stories of edits and quality. Cinematography is truly and art and beautiful when you get the right people. I also want to thank you for the opportunity to enter a contest and offer your service. Because I know I have a really tight budget and I’m sure I’m not alone so it really helps a lot of people.

I would loveeeee to win your video/photo giveaway!!!! Thanks for the consideration! My wedding is on 10/11/2014

I’ve only heard amazing things about NST!!!

Thank you for the opportunity!!!

My fiancé and I would love to win this package, we are planning our dream wedding and hope to capture all the beautiful moments. Our western wedding will be filled with family and love surrounding the entire day. Good luck to all the entries and may your special day be everything you’ve ever dreamed! Xoxo

I like what I see, I would more then anything love to win this package it’s my first wedding and only one I will ever have, I love to keep memories like this and to be so lucky to win will be the best thing a bride could have at her day in the wedding. You do beautiful work even thou my wedding will not be so big but it will be at the beautiful heart of the Harbor of the port..

I’m so glad to see that there are talented videographers/photographers that work within my budget. Weddings aren’t cheap and I really want to capture good memories without feeling bad about it…

Hi Kathy- Let’s find a time to chat about your options for capturing your big day! https://nstpictures.com/investment-availability/

this would be an amazing surprise for my hard working fiance!


I have been searching for a cinematography place!! You do awesome work!!

I’ve Ben searching for a cinematography place just like this!! Love the work!!

I would really love to win this contest because my fiancé and I at trying to plan a beautiful wedding on a budget

Hi Ime, we’re very budget-friendly! Let’s set up a time to chat about your options: https://nstpictures.com/investment-availability/

Finally a cinematography that understands how brides feel about trying to stay in a budget. My fiance and I have just lost a large support to our wedding budget and now I am trying to pick up the pieces to still have my special day, but finding a cinematographer that fits our budget is nearly impossible and how can you have this special day without having at least the ceremony filmed!

Hi Jaclyn- Let’s set up a time to see how one of our packages can fit into your budget! https://nstpictures.com/investment-availability/

Im so excited to be a finace…and i am even more excited to become a BRIDE!!!! What better way to cherish our memories than with great cinematography!!!

I would love to have your team video record my wedding for the memories alone are priceless. I want that day to last forever.

Cinematography is an amazing way to preserve those memories! Let’s set up a time to talk about how we can capture your big day! https://nstpictures.com/investment-availability/

I think wedding videos are soo important! I hope I win for my wedding 🙂

We would love to have videography, but it isn’t in our budget.
I’d love to have video of our wedding to share with my future children some day.

Hi Rachel- Let’s chat about your options to see how we could fit into your budget. We’d love to capture your big day! https://nstpictures.com/investment-availability/

Cinematography captured not only the smiles but the feelings and depth of the moment

Beautifully said, Liz! Let’s talk about how we can capture your big day: https://nstpictures.com/investment-availability/

Wow! Your work is incredible! I hope for the opportunity to use you guys at my wedding (whether through the contest, or out of pocket, we will find a way!!)

Great, Kelsea! Let’s start talking about your options for capturing your big day: https://nstpictures.com/investment-availability/

I would love to win this amazing package pictures looks breathe taking is exactly what we need for our wedding.

Your videos are spectacular! I’ve been searching high and low for a local cinematography and have lucked out until I saw your work… Absolutely amazing!

I love that someone has finally taken notice of affordability! It seems like as soon as the word wedding comes out, prices skyrocket!
Thanks for being mindful of keeping this part of the day affordable, so friends and family who cannot attend can still feel like a part of the day!

I love your work!

Wow…there’s so much that I am learning about now that I am planning my wedding. I love what your services offer.

Love your work. looking for a cinematography for our wedding.

I really love your photography/cinematography. Look forward to having you guys to come to my wedding venue this year if my fiance and I win! 🙂

I would love to win this package. My fiance and I have overcome so much to get to where we are today. Shortly after we met I lost the nephew I was helping raise, then had not 1 but 2 major surgeries within 1 years time. He stood by me and helped my recovery every step of the way. We truly believe that marriage is a partnership with both parties responsible for the outcome so when I needed a third surgery to remove a brain tumor this past month I knew he would be right in the trenches with me. I will be going through radiation treatment as we finish plans for our wedding and I am confident that he will be his amazing self and help hold me together when I can’t do it myself. Our wedding will be the first time that both of our families meet and I can’t wait to start “Family Photos”. Thank you for running such a fun sweepstakes, you can see that all of us brides love to gush about our weddings and fiances! 🙂

Wow, what a powerful love story! It’s amazing that you two have been able to make it through your challenges together. If you’d like to chat with us about your options, fill out the form here: https://nstpictures.com/investment-availability/. Best of luck!

What beautiful breathtaking work! Do hope we get the chance to work with you in capturing our big day.

We’d love to work with you! Let’s chat about packages for your big day: https://nstpictures.com/investment-availability/

I would love to have an opportunity for my wedding to be filmed. It would be something so beautiful to look back on! Love your work!

Hi Haizel- Cinematography is an amazing way to capture those memories! We’d love to talk about packages for your big day! https://nstpictures.com/investment-availability/

I love your blog, and it has made me aware of how important it is to have a great video of our wedding!

My fiancé and I are both graduate students, and have been in a long distance relationship for 6 years now. We are now getting married and will love to have this day memories forever with your cinematography, if we win!

It’s nice to see a budget friendly option for such a great way to preserve the memories of the wedding day, especially with wedding prices as they are today!

beautiful video. I hope I win this for my wedding aboard a yacht in NYC in the summer 🙂 truly amazing footage that will last a life time

Wouldn’t this be nice 😉 Amazing work!!!

Wedding is a once in a lifetime that you will treasure forever. You can plan as long or as short as you can but it would not be complete without something that you can see, that you can touch forever…. Pictures and videos is very important i think…. That is why this type of offer is very helpful for us ladies who will be very soon tying the knot… 🙂 rayt???? And it is our big oppurtunity to have our wedding be taken and make a film out of it…. Would love love love to have you guysss!!!! If me and my future husband will win….

Wedding Cinematography is important to my fiance and me because we can relive our day and see the details that we may have missed. From looking through your portfolio it seems that you all turn your videos into a work of art and capture the day. Finding someone affordable is tough though and NST offers the best price for quality that I have seen.

This blog is something that most brides like myself greatly appreciate.

This is a great blog to get inspiration as well as being educated on photography.

Affordability and quality are key. My finace and I are bother public school teachers, and we want our wedding to be as magical and special as anyone else… only we are forced to do it on a serious budget. NST Cinematography seems like the perfect blend of all of our needs.

Hi Ashley- our packages are affordable and customizable! Let’s chat about your options for preserving your big day! https://nstpictures.com/investment-availability/

Amazing company.

Wow! These films are amazing, wonderful job capturing the special moments between bride and groom! I would love to have this for our wedding!!!

Your videos are absolutely fantastic! I think they’re so perfect and truly capture these moments so nicely 🙂

I used to think that a video of my wedding would be something I would have to sacrifice to save costs…not anymore! 🙂

Thank you to the Knot for bringing me to this wonderful company! I’m loving these videos and the packages!

Beautiful work!

We are getting married in September and decide not to get a video because we’re on a very tight budget and some things we had to say no to unfortunately. I love watching wedding videos and I would love to have one of my own video, it’s such a precious memory to share, so it would be a really nice surprise if at the end after all we could win this.

Just wanted to say HI and that this package would be great for any Bride on a budget.

I’ve been following your work for some time and am a HUGE fan. I’m always so amazed how your team is able to capture the true essence of each couple you work with.

I would love to win this fantastic offer! My fiancé and I are getting married this June and we do not have anyone filming our wedding! We have been together 5 years and are college sweethearts. I am graduating this May and our budget for the whole wedding is $5000. So unfortunately we had to cut out videography. Hope to win!

Your wedding cinematography is beautiful and anyone would be lucky to work with you guys!

great giveaway!

Absolutely stunning! I wasn’t thinking of hiring a videographer, but I see now why you are called cinematographers and it has changed my mind! Love it!

It would be so amazing if my fiancé and I could win this give away!!


Absolutely beautiful!


This is wonderful- My fiancé’ and I both would feel blessed to have our wedding captured in such a beautiful way 🙂

Your team is incredibly talented!! I could only hope that my fiancé and I are lucky enough to be selected for your inclusive package. Unfortunately this is an expensive we’ve been considering doing without but it would be amazing to have our memories captured so beautifully.

Hi Tara- Let’s talk to see if there’s a way we can fit cinematography into your budget. It’s an amazing way to preserve those priceless memories forever! https://nstpictures.com/investment-availability/

Working two jobs as a paramedic, being a volunteer EMT in my town’s ambulance corps, having 2 kids and just trying to survive is really hard. My fiancé and I have been together for ten years. He works for the government and has been transferred away from our home. His brief visits home is so priceless to me. We’ve waited years to be married and now seeing the cost of sharing our day with family and friends is making those priceless extras like video out of our reach. Being able to relive our wedding when he’s not hear would just bring him that much closer to being home with us. I appreciate the fact that you are giving away a video package is amazing! I thank you for your consideration..

Jacqueline Gutbrod

Thank you so much for this lovely opportunity. The videos capture such beauty, grace and emotion on the one day no bride or groom would like to forget. We would be so honored if selected for this competition.

My fiancé and I would love to capature the moments of our wedding and be able to share them with your children one day. How can I find out information regarding packages?

Hi Amanda- To get package information, just fill out this form: https://nstpictures.com/investment-availability/
We’re looking forward to chatting with you!

Genius marketing excited to see what i will win

I’m really hoping to win this prize for my wedding my fiancé and i have been together for nearly 10 years now and he finally asked me to marry him 3/9/14 and we’ve planned our wedding for 8/9/14 we have 6 children together so funds are very limited and this would truly be a blessing to us.. God bless all the entrants!

I would love to do this for our wedding in July! We are currently stationed in Germany and will be flying to California for the wedding. We have family in CA, OR, PA, NV. We have friends in family all over the US and Germany that will not be able to attend and this would be a beautiful way to share it with them.

Loving the concept of my own personalized film featuring my fiancee and I on our memorable day. Even if I don’t win the package, I would greatly consider working with your company anyway!

This is such an incredible opportunity! Of course every bride is dying to win this blessing of a lifetime, including myself! I cry watching everyone else’s wedding videos and would kill to win the chance to have my own, I know there is no way we can fit a videographer into our budget unfortunately. I pray and have my fingers crossed that I can be a lucky winner! But to the other brides, good luck! To whomever does win, that is fabulous and I am happy for you.

This is a movie of your love story, it should be a sequel to your first part of your life together, and the big introduction to your new life together as you start a family and a fresh chapter.

Thank you for the opportunity!!!

Hi Ashley- Our prices are surprisingly affordable! Let’s chat to see if there’s any way we can fit cinematography into your budget. We want you to be able to preserve the memory of your big day forever! https://nstpictures.com/investment-availability/

Gorgeous work!

Great cinematography

Amazing photography and cannot wait to start this with NST! <3

This is amazing, I love this.


Just wanted to say that your work is simply stunning! My fiancé and I would be blessed to have your crew help capture our special moments at our wedding this year! I also love the fact that you’ve taken all types of brides into consideration because not everyone wants to sacrifice quality when they’re on a low budget. Thanks for all that you do !

What a beautiful wedding to feature. Thank you for understanding the importance of AFFORDABILITY for wedding services!

Jacqueline Skorich

my partner and i can finally legally get married and enjoy all the benefits of marriage in California. we have been excitedly planning a beautiful beach wedding for October 11,2014. we have been very lucky that our friends and families have been able to come together and make it possible. we are d.i.y. ing this wedding. the. only thing we have not been able to find among our framily is a videographer. winning this would be amazing because without winning we wouldn’t be able to afford it. i would love to be able to show our wedding video to our future children ten years or twenty years from now..thank you so much for your consideration. Xoxo Jacqueline

This is amazing how they capture the true story behind the bride and groom and show the true love story that they share. Amazing I hope to have such a beautful capture of our love story as well.

I have been “waiting” for almost 20 years to have my BIG DAY. This year in September the wait will FINALLY be over.
I looked for photographers and the expense is far too great. I hope you will choose us. If we wait any longer, I will have waited longer than Gene Simmons Bride.
Thanks for the contest and truly, I hope you pick my entry.
Be well,

Winning this would be perfect

NST Pictures definitely seems affordable, especially seeing the amazing work that they do. My family and I would be so thrilled to have our wedding captured by this company. It will give us an amazing chance to show our future generations our beautiful love story and have them share in the happiest day of our lives.

Thanks for entering the contest, Morgan! Our packages are very affordable. Let’s chat about your options! https://nstpictures.com/investment-availability/

Hope to win. Your work looks beautiful!

Winning this giveaway would be a dream come true for my fiance and I!

I’ve known my hunny for 14 years, he proposed in December of this past year and it would be an extremely generous gift to win this giveaway. Finger crossed. xo

NST’s work is stunning. My fiance and I would be honored to have them capture our wedding and hope we win the giveaway. Goodluck to all you brides and grooms out there!

It make me feel the power of love, it’s so amazing

Winning this would be amazing!

Winning this would be a dream come true for us.

So excited for this contest!!!!

Love the website and your videos!

I will admit I was never a fan of wedding cinematography UNTIL I came across the NST pictures booth at a bridal expo in NYC. Everything is tastefully done, and it seems fair in price. I sure hope to have you guys at our fall wedding in 2015!

Hi Sara- Thanks! We’d love to be a part of your wedding! Let’s set up a time to talk about our packages! https://nstpictures.com/wedding-video-packages/

I love the idea of a modern wedding video and I love the site!

Your work looks amazing. Really wasn’t thinking of a video because the budget really didn’t allow but now I’m convinced. I need to have one.


Hi Jessie- Cinematography is an amazing way to capture the memory of your big day forever! Let’s set up a time to chat about our packages: https://nstpictures.com/wedding-video-packages/

Your video above showed me that wedding videos can be very special and beautiful!! We’d love to win your amazing package!

Very excited to be able to enter this cont3st. The work is absolutely amazing and would be honored to be able to have such a great photographers.

My fiancé CJ and I recently helped transfer all our families 8mm film to DVD. It was so amazing to be able to see more than just a picture of the exiting moments in our families history. Because we have such large families and wanted them to all come to the wedding we don’t have the money to hire a cinematographer. Thank you for having this contest and giving us the opportunity to share our exciting moments in this beautiful way!

Thank you for just being here! With all the time it takes to plan a wedding and all the moving parts, many vendors aren’t open to emails and oftentimes request an appointment without much information. I love the idea of using Skype to streamline your process.

I would love love love to win this even if I don’t you are awesome for doing this giveaway

Beautiful work!

Love that your prices are affordable, it seems like nothing in the insudtry is any more. Its so important to capture the special day!

This blog is wonderful! Makes me see how important it is to capture the big day, and makes me hopeful that my fiancé and I can make videography for our big day a possibility!

Beautiful work. You have captured great moments and brought great emotions to your work. I love it and I hope to have the same memories to look back on for my wedding next year.

your videos are absolutely amazing! this is such a beautiful and classy way to tell each couple’s unique and timeless story. thank you for sharing!

As a recently-engaged soon-to-be bride, I’ve been reveling in exploring all the options available to me and my fiancé for our big day. I can only hope that when all the details are set, we are sure to capture the day with a videographer of your high caliber. This video was inspirational and beautiful and has definitely convinced me that videography is worth the investment!

I’m confused about this giveaway – how can you be sure you will be available on my wedding date if I win?

Hi Meredith,
We choose a winner at random, and when we contact them, we check to see if we’re available for that date. If we’re not available, we will choose another winner.

My Fiancé and I would love to win this contest! We have been together for ten years and we are paying for our wedding entirely on our own. This would help complete our wedding day! The videography is beautiful, and would be something we watch for years to come.

Hi Theresa, Let’s set up a time to talk about your big day. Our packages are surprisingly affordable, so let’s see if we can fit into your budget! https://nstpictures.com/investment-availability/

Stephanie Shoffner

Love your videography, especially of Larissa and Nick!

This blog is wonderful. Having a video of the day I marry the love of my life would be amazing! I have been with y fiancee for 10 years, after meeting at a high school dance. My fiancee was in the Navy, I went to grad school, and so much more has happened, that our waiting day has been a long time coming and will be epic for us (as well as, our family and friends).

I will keep m fingers crossed that we win the videography package for our wedding in August 2014!

Wishing NST Pictures continued success!

loveee your work!

Such beautiful videos! What a wonderful memento to have after the day.

Love Love Love! Praying for the win

I love your description of what you create “a family heirloom capturing the true essence of the union of two families” and that is exactly what it is. What an amazing thing you do!

To be honest, I never considered a wedding video because I thought them as an unnecessary expense and have heard from others that they never watch their video any more. I think wedding videos have evolved and I could definitely see me watching mine over and over! Will have to see if we will be able to work it into our budget.

Hi Cindy, that’s our main goal behind making cinematic-style films–we want you to want to watch it over and over again! One of our co-workers here watches hers once a week because she gets to see all of the faces of friends and family any time she wants, plus our Trailer Films are only around 4 minutes so you can catch a brief glimpse of the day anytime you want! It’s a great mood booster!!

I was so excited when the knot told me of this giveaway. I think it’s awesome. Pictures are very important to us and with a tight budget it’s very hard to find a place with quality. Thank you for your giveaway :)0

Affordable is what every bride is looking for as well as professionalism and beauty. This is it.

We are paying for our own wedding on Sept 20 2014 so this would be an amazing gift for us and our family. — Peter and Victoria

beautiful! <3 <3 <3

These videos are beautiful! I’m so excited about our special day! Would looooove to win the video package!

I love your work! So perfect!!

Love the videos they are definitely a wonderful idea to make the wedding last a lifetime.

From cheesy to artistic! Love it!

Beautiful work. Love a good wedding video 🙂

Love this blog! Really would love to win the giveaway!

Nothing captures the moment better than a beautiful video!

I love the fact that they’re so upfront with their services and pricing. The reviews obviously reinforce that choosing them for the Big Day is well worth it for a day to remember forever… even on film!

I would.love for.this fantastic company to capture my special day. Pictures are worth a thousand words and millions of memories. And I’d cherish them for a lifetime.

Absolutely beautiful! Capturing not just the beauty of the event, but you can really see the love between the bride and groom, which is priceless. I would love nothing more than to be able to have my wedding day encompass all of those features. Memories captured to last throughout the generations to come.

I never thought that wedding videography could be in the realm of possibility, but after reading your blog, I’m not only able to see it’s possible but I’m learning about even more ideas for my wedding day! My fiance’ and I have entered the contest for the videography services because we are paying for our wedding on our own and for any other brides out there doing this – you know how hard it is! NST Pictures completely captures what Jason and I are all about. We’re creative, we’re artsy, we’re romantic and loving, and we’re sentimental. It would be amazing to have NST Pictures with us on our special day to capture the memories that will live long in our hearts. Thank you for your consideration! <3



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