10 Tips for Choosing the Right Wedding Venue for Your Fall Wedding

If you’re having a wedding later in the year, you want to choose a venue that embodies the cozy feelings we get when the air gets colder and the leaves change colors.

It’s the time of year when the apples are ripe for picking. It’s a time when we look forward to Saturday full of the excitement of college football or spending time at a cider mill.

Those are just some of the things that make fall the perfect season to have your wedding. From finding a place to take in the beautiful fall foliage to celebrating in a cozy setting, here are 10 tips to find the perfect fall wedding venue.

Affordable Fall Colors

Nothing is better in the fall than changing colors, but destination weddings can be expensive. For a beautiful outdoor wedding, look to local parks and gardens that won’t necessarily break the bank.

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A Destination in Every State

If location is more important than cost, the United States is home to beautiful destination wedding spots that bring fall colors in full force when the temperature starts to drop. Consider the historical venue of the Biltmore House in Asheville, or one o

Find a Barn

For a cozier atmosphere, consider having your reception in a barn. Barns are perfect for you rustic wedding decorations, and can be decorated in a simple look or dressed up for a more formal atmosphere.

A Natural Setting

“Find ample inspiration in rolling hills and…wind swept bluffs,” says the team at BBJ Linen in their guide to rustic wedding decor. A fall wedding venue should imbibe everything we love about fall. Grass-swept hills can provide a cozy, home-like atmosphere while bluffs near a shoreline provide cooler weather to fully embrace all that fall has to offer.

Out in the Mountains

BBJ Linen further suggests getting married near mountain ranges. Outdoor weddings go great with the backdrop of fall colors and many mountain destinations offer elegant indoor venues for a reception

Apple Orchards

Apple cider, donuts, and changing colors are all great reasons to choose an apple orchard for your fall wedding. Do a little digging and you’d be surprised at how many apple orchards offer their farm up as a wedding venue.

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Pumpkin Patches

While an apple orchard is a great venue for a fall wedding, a pumpkin patch is a great alternative. A pumpkin patch can be the perfect venue for a rustic theme to a fall wedding and allows you to decorate with flannel, have pumpkin themed décor and pumpkin themed food (pumpkin spice if you’re so inclined).

A Well-Placed Tent

Consider setting up a tent where there’s lots of fall foliage to gaze upon. A tent offers the opportunity for an outdoor wedding while providing cover should mother nature decide to rain down on your parade.

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A Warehouse

A restored warehouse offers up all the fall vibes without having to venture out into the country. For those living in or near a major city, a restored warehouse can be decorated to bring the outside… indoors.

Roam Where the Cattle Do

A ranch offers up a fantastic venue for a fall wedding. There are many ranch resorts or perhaps you’re lucky enough to know someone with their own. Between the grazing cattle and the beautiful backdrop, you can’t go wrong with this fall wedding idea.

The perfect fall wedding venue will offer a beautiful backdrop of the fall foliage, give off a “comfy cozy” vibe and allow for a laid-back atmosphere. There are options to choose from all over the country and something ideal for you may be right around the corner. But wherever you decide to have your fall wedding, make sure it’s a place that embodies all that fall has to offer…and is a place that makes you happy.

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