DIY Decor Ideas You Can Incorporate Into Any Wedding

As we inch closer to the wedding season, many of you may be ramping up on your planning. One thing is for certain, wedding planning can become expensive very quickly. Since draining your bank account isn’t the way you want to start your marriage, there are ways to easily combat this issue. DIY decor is a great way to cut down on the costs of your big day while simultaneously adding a touch of your personality. Read on for a few ways you can add some DIY into any wedding theme!

Memory Wall

A perfect way to reminisce upon great memories or even honor loved ones who have passed away is by creating a memory wall. With this, you are adding in some meaningful personalization to your wedding while also showing your appreciation of the relationships you’ve had with family and friends. Some brides may choose to celebrate their memories with a table display, however, choosing to create a gallery wall will provide more room for other decorations and can add a more intimate feeling to the room. Michelle Rivera from Michaels advises to stick to a color theme when creating a gallery wall, “Sometimes, with an array of different frames, your photos can feel lost. Getting photo frames of the same color will create a cohesive flow on a wall.” Find out if the photographs you choose to use are black and white or colored. This can be important when choosing the frames!


Favors are the perfect place to add in some additional decor. While it does have the chance to become a little expensive, it can be a great way to sneak in some financially friendly DIY. Whether you unleash your inner chef and give out small jars of apple butter, or channel your green thumb and gift your guests with a mini succulent, there are many budget-friendly ways to go about showing your appreciation. For more favor ideas refer here.

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Table Numbers

There are many routes you can take when working on your table numbers. Tagging a lantern or even painting a rock are just some ways to inform your guests where to be seated. To get a very cohesive look, try incorporating chalkboards. As your guests enter the reception area, have a larger chalkboard directing them to their table. Then, on each individual table have a smaller chalkboard labeling with a number! If your creative juices are really flowing, change up the numbering and label each table with a different inside joke between you and your groom. This is a great way to add some character and intimacy to the day – your guests will appreciate the gesture!

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Enter the wedding planning armed with the best tool – yourself! Save money and get creative. Start off by picking a theme and then challenge yourself to really utilize one of these DIY ideas!



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