Essential Wedding Accessories For Your Wedding Day

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Weddings are a wonderful time to celebrate your love and share it with your friends and family. This special occasion is also a great opportunity for you to flaunt your unique style and fashion sense.

Accessories definitely play a part in making a couple look unforgettable and unique. Whether you’re going for a trendier and more fashion-forward look or want the classic white theme for your special day, there are essential wedding accessories that never go out of style. Here are some of them:

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Wedding Shoes

Expect the wedding day to be packed with activity so style shouldn’t be your only consideration when selecting shoes. You’ll be standing for long periods of time and posing for pictures, entertaining guests and doing the traditional wedding dances so your footwear should be comfortable and easy for you to walk around in.

Also, consider the venue of the wedding when selecting your wedding footwear. For example, if the ceremony is going to be at the beach, then stilettos might be an impractical choice as bridal shoes. Go for wedges, or if you are feeling fun and off-beat, go for sneakers.

Hair Accessories

The traditional white veil isn’t the only popular hair accessory for weddings anymore. Brides can get creative with how they style and flaunt their hair depending on their  overall look and the wedding’s theme. If you are having a garden wedding, you could don flowers on your hair or a floral crown and look the part of a fairytale princess. If you are wearing a dramatic and intricately designed wedding gown then you can balance it out with a simple headband. Other unique and choices for hair accessories include bejeweled headbands, mini top hats and tiaras.

Bridal Jewelry

Bridal accessories aren’t just limited to the engagement and wedding ring. Different pieces of jewelry can do wonders in making a whole look sparkle. Don’t go overboard with accessorizing, though. Whether it’s a simple tennis bracelet or an intricate choker, make sure each jewelry piece complements the outfit.

Bridal Lingerie

Although not visible to everyone else, underwear can still make or break the wedding look. As a bride, your lingerie should make you feel confident and sexy but it should also be flattering to your whole outfit. You wouldn’t want a wardrobe malfunction at the venue just because you wore the wrong kind of bra, so pick one that goes with the style of your gown. For example, if your gown has a strapless and low cut neckline then go for a strapless bra or bodysuit that can give you essential support.

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Accent Pieces for the Groom

Accessories like cufflinks and button studs may be small but they can instantly upgrade the groom’s outfit. If you are a fashion-forward couple then you’ll be thrilled at the different kinds of cufflink designs out there. Find a pair that goes with the wedding’s theme or matches the groom’s unique personality. Whether it’s steampunk style cufflinks or a pair of studded skull shaped cufflinks, there are so many designs out there outside the traditional styles that there’s something perfect for everyone.

Wedding days are full of deeply personal meanings. That said, the accessories you choose, no matter how small, can really go towards reflecting the your unique personality.



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