Five Ways Wedding Videography Has Changed in the Last Decade

Still picturing wedding videography as the long, boring video shot from the back of the room?

Gone are the days of bulky cameras, cheesy interviews and poor quality films. Technology has changed quite a bit in the last ten years, and wedding videography has definitely seen major improvements. We’ve listed a few ways that things that have changed to give you a high quality, beautifully watchable wedding film.

1. The equipment will look similar to your photographer’s camera.

JSchmittPhoto CaffeStorico 044 - Five Ways Wedding Videography Has Changed in the Last Decade

Photo courtesy of Jessica Schmitt Photography.

Videographers don’t have to use bulky camcorders to capture your big day. Even though the equipment is small, the footage is captured in HD. The equipment is now so compact that they can move as freely as your photographer, without interfering with the festivities.  In fact, during all the festivities, most of your guests won’t be able to tell your photographer and videographer apart!

2. Your videographer won’t be glued to a tripod.

DEC 0199 - Five Ways Wedding Videography Has Changed in the Last Decade

Without having to use a tripod for the entire day, the videographer has a lot more freedom to shoot from different angles. This cinematographer is using a monopod for stabilization, which allows her to move around freely while still getting beautiful, steady shots. You’ll be able to get fun, creative shots without being limited by bulky equipment! If you want to get adventurous with outdoor shots during your photo session, your videographer will be able to join in the fun!

3. Having more than one cinematographer will give you more angles for your film.

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Photo courtesy of Max Flatow Photography.

Why should you have to choose between seeing yourself walk down the aisle and the reaction of the love of your life waiting to marry you?  Having more than one videographer gives you a chance to see multiple angles of the big moments throughout your wedding day. When all of those shots are combined, your film will showcase the full story of your big day in all its glory!

4. Videographers can also carry extra, compact equipment that allows for even more creative shots.

JSchmittPhoto CaffeStorico 043 - Five Ways Wedding Videography Has Changed in the Last Decade

Photo courtesy of Jessica Schmitt Photography.

Above, one of our cinematographers is using a slider, which is great for capturing panning shots of the venue and photo session! Portable equipment like this gives the videographer more options to artistically capture your big day. Just as your photographer may take some time to get some creative shots outside of the traditional posed pictures, your videographer can do the same. Fun, creative shots of you and your wedding party make a great addition to a trailer or feature film!

5. There are several options for a watchable final product.

Your film doesn’t have to be like a wedding video from the 80s, four hours of long, drawn-out footage. A trailer is a 3-5 minute film that shows the highlights of the day set to music. It’s a fun way to share a summary of your big day with family and friends that weren’t able to be there physically.

If you want to share more, feature films range from 10-45 minutes, and can include the ceremony, speeches and dances. If you want to see your big day in all its glory, a rough cut and raw footage allows you to watch everything in sequential order in a film with all natural sound. Check out Jennifer and Frank’s films to see just how convenient the different lengths of films can be! Another perk of the digital age is that your film will be available in a mobile format, so you’ll be able to watch it anywhere!


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My fiance and I want our wedding to be as unique as possible. We are always the ones who stand out in crowds and we feel our wedding shouldn’t be any different. That means the typical hall, typical tux, typical bridal party, simply won’t do! We are looking at strange venues like libraries, museums, universities, theaters and barns. The grooms tuxedo is almost 100 years old to get true 20’s style. Our bridal party is all men, all in vintage tuxedos and 1920’s hats, and I am wearing one of the same hats and silver wingtip shoes with my Amalia Carrara ball gown!
Our videography has to be as flexible as the rest of our wedding especially as we are planning it on a very tight budget. This post seems almost to have been written directly for us!

Wow, sounds exciting! We’d love to see more of the details for your day. What kind of 20s hat will you be wearing with your dress? Let’s set up a time to chat to see how videography can capture your big day!

Beautiful style!

I love the new and creative things that are done with wedding videography. It is so beautiful and makes the perfect keepsake!

Thank God videography has changed so much in the last decade! I can imagine how many wedding films go unwatched because they’re just too long, drawn out, and boring! I love cinematography for this reason – it gives films such a movie like feel and keeps viewers engaged. It’s probably more likely to be watched over and over again for many, many years as opposed to a traditional wedding film.

Well I’m wondering why there isn’t a choice for groom under “I am a…”

I’m an editor and filmmaker and I have to say, I love the style of your cinematography and how your edits tell a story. It’s much better than the music video style so many wedding photographers seem to love. Much better to pull audio in from the day.

Adding you to my list of possible videographers!

Me and my fiance are trying to keep our wedding under $5000. We still want to have something unique and beautiful. Going to see a hall for $450 today. Our ceremony is going to be at a small zoo. We want to create memories not debt.

I really hope to have a videographer at my wedding.

Cannot believe I almost forgot about a videographer!

Hi Jessica, we’re glad you remembered! Let’s set up a time to chat about the best package for your big day!

Me and my fiancé are finally tying the knit after 4 and half years. He has truly been there for me throughout medical school and finally the frustration and long hours of studying will be over and we can enjoy each other’s company even more. We would love the opportunity to capture on day in real time and not just still moments, and after living off of student loans for 4 years the budget is tight already, this giveaway would be a great opportunity for us!

I love how videography tells a story! Our wedding is going to be as unique and creative as we are. My fiance built our centerpieces and I’m making individualized paintings on each, all adaptations of board games. My best friend is composing and playing the music for our ceremony while another close friend is officiating. Also can’t forget it’s at a castle that was built from a barn form the 1800’s.

Can’t wait!

I love the idea of videography for a wedding–it really captures the emotions and moments from the entire day, which you don’t always get with photographs!! Brings it to life 🙂

Do videographers work at the same time as photographers or do the documentations happen at different times?
Your work is beautiful!

Hi Lizzie! Thanks so much! Our videographers work at the same time as the photographer during the ceremony, reception and photo session. If times allows at the end of the photo session, the videographers love to take a few minutes to do a couple of creative and fun shots with the group! Since our videographers’ cameras are similar to what photographers use, it’s easy for them to work together as a team!

I’ve told my fiance countless times that i rather spend money on videography for our wedding than other things. Just because i want to be able to relive it and relish in every detail abotu my wedding. I don’t want to forget a thing and it would be nice to show our kids in the future as opposed to re-tell the story and not have them see how amazing and awesome it was!

The 3-5 minute videos are amazing. We don’t have a huge budget for Video, but I think that would be a wonderful way (versus a 40 minute video) to capture the beauty of our wedding.

Hi Annette!

We have a package that seems like it’s exactly what you’re looking for! Let’s set up a time to chat about preserving your big day:

Wedding videos today look like so much fun and so much more interesting than what we saw in the 80’s and 90’s. Most of the videos I’ve seen from the past few years tell a story rather than just go through the motions. That’s what I love about the videos today, get all the important things in 10 minutes, make it enjoyable for whoever is stuck watching it. I also think it’s great for those who have family members who can’t attend the ceremony or reception (My fiance and I have relatives and friends spread out across the globe, so it’s a nice thing to send to those who must miss it).

WE would love to have everything perfect and memorable! We are definitely aiming to make our wedding day the best day created by and for us. We need to keep within our budget but we aren’t afraid to look around and I’ve fallen in love with your work 🙂

I hopped over to this post as part of the entries for the wedding package contest… I’m so happy I stumbled upon this, because I love the videography by NST. So perfect! This post rings so true to me because I remember the first wedding I was a part of, and the obnoxious cameras and cheesy video from that day (I’m talking 1992 or so!) – thank goodness things have changed!

I LOVE the idea of a videographer but I am having a hard time selling it when important people are having to be left off the guest list for budget reasons. We splurged a little on the photographer and I am still hoping when it comes down to it, we can squeeze for videography!

These videos are so beautiful and capture the day so well!

My fiance´and I would love the unique experience of having a cinematographer capture our special day. It would be a great way to share the day with family that are too ill to travel and will not be able to attend our wedding day.

What amazing videos! I hope to be lucky enough to win this amazing deal ! It would be an honor!

I’m a photographer, so i wasn’t originally all that concerned with having a videographer for our wedding, but my fiancé was adamant! I’m glad that he was, I’m finally starting to see how valuable video is. You don’t get expressions and words with pictures.

Still need to book one, will be looking into your packages to see what your prices are. Ugh weddings are sooo expensive! 😀

This is absolutely a dream! As an event planning assistant I deal with weddings all the time. I dream of having this opportunity to win this wedding video experience with the team at NST Pictures NYC. My wedding date is set for 2016 God willing all goes as planned 🙂

Love the look of your videos and look forward to chatting about the big day! Also fingers crossed on the contest!!

A picture is a thousands words but having a video of my special day would be an absolute dream! My fiance´and I would love the extraordinary experience of having a cinematographer capture our special day so we could share it with all of our loved ones 🙂

Beautiful videos! Everyone says that pictures and videos are best way to really remember that big day!

Videography is so advanced nowadays. I would love to have the for my wedding.

Beautiful clip. I love the idea of having video, but not sure if our budget allows for it.

I am actually the groom and my fiance has no idea I am doing this but I know how important this is to her and I want to help. Nothing about our wedding day is traditional. I’m not so comfortable with a day completely dedicated to us so she has done everything with that in mind which is part of the reason our wedding is so different. You are the only company she has talked about and our budget is so tight that winning the contest is so important to her. So, I’m signing up for Pinterest and twitter and getting her those entries!

Your videos are amazing. They really capture the essence of one’s big day! Hope I can win one!

Videography is so important to me, sadly I probably can not afford it for my wedding 🙁 I’d love to be able to capture such a special moment that my fiancé and I can watch and relive forever!

The style of these videos is so clean and elegant. Modern yet totally nostalgic- love it!

The style of these videos is so clean and elegant- modern yet totally nostalgic. Love it

I love how well these videos capture the emotion of the day!

WOW BEAUTIFUL and touching video! I heard about your company through my brother’s co-worker who had his wedding video produced by you. Amazing work!

I am a groom! There’s no space in your pull down. I’m also a social influencer and event planner.

I think go-pro cameras and wearable cameras will be further changing wedding videography today and in the years to come.

Loved this! We are so excited to capture all of the magical moments of our wedding using a moving image. What a fabulous memory.

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