NST Pictures: What is a Honeymoon Photo Montage Video?

Honeymoon Photo Montage Video

A 1-minute video slideshow to share your trip photos on social media.

No matter where your honeymoon took you (or is taking you soon – yay!), you’ll want to share your adventures with your friends and family online. Now, you can easily do that and replay the trip of a lifetime anytime with NST Pictures’ Honeymoon Photo Montage Video!

What you’ll receive:

  • 1-minute video slideshow with up to 50 of your favorite images and music added to set the tone
  • HD digital link ready to share on Instagram & Facebook and can be played on a TV or computer
  • Delivered in 4-6 weeks

Photo montage videos are also available for engagement and/or wedding photos, so chat with one of our consultants today to explore your different options!

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