3 Tips for Hosting Out-of-Town Wedding Guests

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Is your wedding coming up? Then congratulations! It’s an event that many look forward to, not just for you and your spouse. Your families, friends, those dearest and closest to you both, all of them want to attend your special celebration, witness your union and entry into married life, and most of all, appreciate true love’s triumph.

There may be several of them, relatives especially, who don’t live in the same town as you do. Even then, if you mean anything to them, they will still rush over to your wedding just so they can be there for you. Sometimes, some of them may even arrive a couple of days before the actual occasion.

What do you then?

They are your guests, ones you’ve invited. Of course you have to take care of them! So be a good and courteous host to your out-of-town wedding guests by following these tips.

Secure Their Accommodations

It’s quite common for soon-to-be-wedded couples to book rooms for their out-of-town guests in hotels near the wedding venue. The proximity makes it convenient for them to travel to and from the event. Plus, they’ll be less likely to become lost, even if they’re not familiar with the place, since it’s just nearby.

Most hotels can offer you lower rates when booking multiple rooms in advance. Take advantage of that so your guests won’t have to pay as much for their accommodations.

Some hotels also have a free shuttle service. So if you group your out-of-town guests in one hotel (but not necessarily the same rooms), they can be transported together to your wedding, making it certain that everyone arrives safely.

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Prepare Welcome Kits for Them

Wedding favors are usually given on the actual event; however, for your guests who come from so far away, you may want to give them more.

It doesn’t have to be expensive. For example, you may want to provide them a set of travel essentials (i.e., toothbrush, shampoo, etc.) to make their stay as comfortable as possible. You can even wrap the kits in durable burlap fabric to add a bit of charm to them.

You can request your hotel to present these “welcome bags” to your guests when they arrive or to have them ready in their rooms. You can also present the kits to them yourself; that way, they’ll appreciate the gesture even more.

Have Time for Them

Your guests do not just want to watch your wedding. They also want to be a part of it too: reminiscing with you on fond memories, congratulating you and your spouse and wishing the both of you well. Those who live near you have the convenience of visiting you anytime before or after the occasion, but for those from out of town, they only have a few days to do that.

Thus, spend time with them. Give them a tour of your city. Take them to a nice restaurant where you can talk. Invite them over to your house for a small pre-wedding gathering. Do stuff with them. If any of them are part of the wedding party, don’t forget to get them little tokens of appreciation for coming all the way. Check out a few bridesmaids or groomsmen gift ideas that you can give them during the gathering.

They’ll only be there for a short time, so make it count!

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Your out-of-town guests flew all the way to your area just so they can be there for you. That’s how special you are to them.

So give back some love to them, and show them a good time during their stay. Follow the above tips, and your guests will, in the future, look back to their visit with smiles on their faces.




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