How to Throw an Amazing Bridal Shower Tea Party

Bridal showers don’t have to be pompous and expensive. There are plenty of unique ways to make a bridal shower memorable without resorting to exhaustive decorations and over-the-top, cliché shower themes.

If you want something simple but memorable, a tea-party-themed bridal shower is one to consider. It’s sophisticated, elegant and simply picture-perfect. Most importantly, since it’s probably the only time that all the bride’s friends are going to be in the same room before the actual wedding day, it gives room for that important friendship conversation that usually predates marriage.

As the shower planner, make it one to remember by organizing a bridal tea party that provides a great environment for people to actually enjoy. Here are some great tips on how to do it and answers to common bridal-shower questions.

Who Should Attend?

As the host, you most likely know the bride very well. If she usually prefers small, intimate gatherings, then perhaps its best to send invites only to her closest friends and family members.

If you know that she will appreciate the gesture of having everyone present, then you can extend an invite to some memorable acquaintances.

Traditionally, bridal showers are attended by an all-female quest list. But if the bride is open to a more modern experience and inviting the opposite sex, then go Jack and Jill all the way.

Where Should the Party Be Held?

Since tea parties demand a more relaxed atmosphere, a great choice of venue would be a function room in a lovely hotel. This is ideal if you don’t have the time to mull over plenty of decorations should you decide to hold the tea party at home.

Still, if you want to keep the party more private and DIY, then you can do it at yours or another close friend’s house. Planning and shopping for decorations may be time-consuming, but they’re also so much fun.

What Are the Decoration Staples?

Because tea parties are an elegant affair, linens should wrap the tables, china or silver should be used, and a tiered snack display should hold the munches. Don’t forget the tea warmers to keep your tea nicely warm amid long conversations.

If you’re going to hold the party outdoors and in the late afternoon to evening, don’t forget to set up proper dramatic lighting to keep the vibe. Fairy lights hanging on tree branches and portable lamps or votive candles placed on top of the tables would help create a magical atmosphere that’s perfect for great talks.

Decorate the tables with flowers, maybe the bride’s favorite, and prepare a bouquet for the bride herself.

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What Should You Have in the Menu?

Since it’s a tea party, remind the guest that the event is not food-focused and they will be having refreshments and some bite-size snacks for the party. This way, they can grab a full meal before or after the bridal shower.

Ideal menu inclusions would have bite-size biscuits, for instance, some chocolates and other sweets, and assorted tea sandwiches. Salads would also be a good choice.

You can serve the food buffet-style or have them independently served in each separate table.

Be sure to offer guests a choice of their own tea. Buying tea varieties is easy. Naturally, tea comes in seven different forms, depending on how they were processed or prepared: black tea, dark tea, oolong tea, green tea, white tea, Pu’er tea, and yellow tea. However, you can also find derivatives such as matcha, which is from green tea leaves.

Extend the availability of choices to include other tea infusions as well.

What to Wear?

It’s common to impose attire themes for some reason. But one common problem with imposing event attires is that it usually ends up feeling forced. Not to mention that not everyone really has the time to go shopping.

You’ll be surprised how creative people can get when you let them dress to the occasion on their own.


To stay true to the theme of the occasion, choose mellow types of activities that maintain the intimate atmosphere of the event. It can be as simple as sharing love stories or funny and inspiring marriage anecdotes or even reading poetry.

Final Word

Hosting a bridal shower is perhaps one of the greatest honors you can be endowed with as a friend or family member. Make it meaningful: simple, intimate, and full of heart. More than decors, it’s all about the people.

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