How to Immortalize your Wedding Memories

What is videography? To put it simply, videography is the process of capturing images on electronic media. The emotions, sounds, and movements can all be saved through videography. This is why couples who hire a videographer for their wedding are glad that they did so.

Immortalize Wedding Memories - How to Immortalize your Wedding Memories

Moments You Want to Immortalize

Even though these moments can be saved through photography, it is only on a video that you will be able to fully relive moments with movement and sound. Some of these memories that are better in film than photo include:

  • The reaction of the first time you two see each other
  • Your walk down the aisle
  • Your first dance
  • Your father’s speech
  • The toasts by the bridesmaid and the best man
  • The bouquet toss

Wedding videos also allow you and your husband or wife to see things you might have missed, like the preparations before the ceremony or your guests enjoying cocktail hour while you’re taking portraits. And the best part, you will love watching the wedding video with your children in the future.

Wedding videographers today are not your average Joes with a camera running around making a video that will turn out to be cheesy and generic. These are the days of creative wedding video making. Today’s wedding videographers give their work a taste of artistic cinematography. It’s no more lights-camera-action and shoving the camera down people’s throats—with professional videographers, you won’t even know they’re there.

When you hire professionals, like NST PICTURES, for your wedding video, you will get nothing short of excellence in wedding cinematography NY. We make sure that your amazing wedding film NY to share with your friends, family and your children in the years to come.


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