Instagram is the Secret Wedding Planning Weapon

Simply forget about any other organizational method to plan your wedding, burn that binder, put your note book away, and take advantage of the convenience of Instagram. The photo-sharing app has proven successful as a useful tool for planning a wedding. Vendors, such as those you would find on, will also be operating on social media platforms.

Instagram has helped people plan their weddings, because you have everything at your fingertips; access to pictures, testimonials, reviews, and videos of anything related to a wedding. When you are starting to plan your wedding, you should start following inspirational accounts, and of course the more you like and follow of the same thing, the more Instagram will show you these similar accounts. For example, when you follow accounts for wedding planning, such as photographers or videographers, other vendors, getting ideas for dresses, or for hair and makeup, more of this will show up in your Explore feed.

With Instagram, you can search and follow exact hashtags, and the photos that are tagged with certain hashtags will show up in your feed. This is an excellent way to find the precise content you want, which can help in selecting the venue for your wedding. For example, you could search for the hashtag #weddingsonthebeach, and follow it. It can be an efficient way to start narrowing down your search for the things you want at your wedding, and bring these samples to the wedding vendors you will be meeting with.

When you are using Instagram, you can also swipe up on stories when you’re scrolling through your feed. It can help you get a more inside look at distinctive vendors, such as how they operated at different weddings, and what people were saying.

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More importantly, you can save photos that will resonate with you. You may have come across samples of different vendors’ work and saved it for inspiration. While saving photos, you can create wedding specific categories and collections, which can be the Instagram version of a Pinterest board. It would not be uncommon for brides to have a collection of possible wedding dresses, cake designs, floral arrangements, venues, or décor. If you really want to get organized, you can make a collection for every aspect of your wedding, and keep all these photos saved. It can make the meetings with your vendors go smoothly, because you have all your information at your fingertips.

The point of social media is to be social, and don’t be afraid to reach out to vendors via DM. They love hearing comments and getting questions, especially if you are interested in their services. Instagram can make wedding planning a little simpler, and if you enjoy using the application, you will find what you are looking for, to plan your wedding, and much more.

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