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We love meeting awesome wedding vendors in our area. We had the privilege of working with Dulce Dreams Events several times, including Tiffany and Quintin’s wedding and the Forever Linked Styled Shoot! Check out our interview with founder, Ashley Espinal below!

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 Mikkel Paige - Meet Dulce Dreams Events

Photo by Mikkel Paige Photography.

1. Why did you decide to go into wedding planning? 

After several years in the entertainment industry as a professional singer and dancer, I slowly switched gears from the front of the stage to the back, where I learned the ins and outs of production and set design.  I began planning fundraisers and galas for various entertainment companies I was involved with and quickly fell in love with event planning. It wasn’t until I moved to NYC in 2010 did I realize that I had a strong connection with the art of wedding planning and creative styling. I embarked on this incredible journey and haven’t looked back yet!

 2. What is your favorite aspect of planning a wedding?

I absolutely love getting to know my couples. Getting to know them makes the planning process so much more intimate, which is what I have always envisioned for DDE; an intimate planning experience. From the drinks served at the reception to the songs they choose for their ceremony, every aspect of a wedding should be personal and when I get to know my couples enough to understand why they would choose certain colors, themes, vendors etc., it makes my job that much more rewarding.

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Photo by Joseph Lin Photography.

3. What do you do to understand a couple’s vision and bring it to life?

I really do love using Pinterest, but more importantly I listen to what my couples have to say. It sounds very simple but usually the most important aspects of a wedding day won’t be found in a picture. Every couple has an idea of what they want their guests to feel on their wedding day and that feeling takes into account a lot of other important details that need to be considered. From the different tastes, sounds, and smells of the day, everything that evokes a special feeling to the couple comes from their love story, where and how they grew up and how they want to present themselves as for the first time as a married couple. Once I have an understanding of these things (and with the help of Pinterest for a more visual component!) I can help bring my couple’s vision to life.

 4. What advice do you have for couples in the initial stages of wedding planning?

The first thing I tell my couples it to try and figure out what is most important to them. Individually those things may be different so it’s important to have that conversation. Once you are both on the same page with the bigger items, everything else will slowly fall in place.

Le Image Pictures - Meet Dulce Dreams Events

Photo by Le Image, Inc from Emily & Katrina’s wedding at Chelsea Piers.

5. What’s the number one reason why you suggest couples hire a planner?

 Planning a once in a lifetime event like a wedding, not only takes time, it takes resources and a complete understanding of the industry. It’s a planner’s job to use these resources to help personalize your wedding and make your wedding day a complete success. From menu cards, linens, rentals and, sparkler send offs, we’ll work closely with you and your vendors to create a cohesive, creatively unique and genuine look for your big day. You’ll get a pretty wrapped up package that’s truly an incomparable experience for you, your family and your guests.

Check out Tiffany & Quintin’s wedding to see Ashley’s work in motion! For more of Dulce Dreams Event’s work, check out the Forever Linked styled shoot on Ruffled!



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