Meet the Team – Patrika Cheston

From the first time you see an NST Pictures film to the day you receive your DVDs, the NST Team is working hard to give you the wedding film of your dreams! Get to know the love-obsessed group of people that make up the NST Pictures team!

Meet Patrika Cheston

Marketing Assistant


JSchmittPhoto NST 65 - Meet the Team - Patrika Cheston

1.  What song always gets you on the dance floor?

Pretty much anything! It’s actually much harder to get me off the dance floor 🙂

2. Out of your area of expertise at NST, what’s your favorite part of your job?

I love sharing our beautiful couples on our blog. It’s amazing to be able to inspire other couples through video.

3. Sweet or Salty?

Can I have both?

4.  Quick! You have one hour to make dinner for the Obama family! What do you do?

I’d take a few seconds to channel the hostessing powers of my mom, then I’d marinate some chicken to start. I’d whip up a quick cinnamon swirl coffee cake and put it in the oven, then boil some linguini and make my special alfredo sauce. While all of that’s brewing, I’d put the chicken on the grill, then mix up a pitcher of sparkling mango guava lemonade, then make sure all the plates look pretty. Of course, I’d serve espresso with the coffee cake for dessert!

JSchmittPhoto NST 25 - Meet the Team - Patrika Cheston

5.  If you could reincarnate yourself as anyone, who would you be?

I think I’d be myself, but in the Harlem Renaissance era. I’m obsessed with Ella Fitzgerald and Langston Hughes!

6. What do you think is the most important thing for couples to remember when planning their wedding?

In the end, your wedding day is a celebration of the love you have for each other. The people that truly love you will love your wedding if it’s a representation of who you are.

7.  Favorite Disney movie?

The Princess and the Frog! (Tiana and I are actually the same person).

JSchmittPhoto NST 67 - Meet the Team - Patrika Cheston
8. What’s something weird you do when you’re alone?

I’ll pick a complicated all-cast Broadway musical number or Disney movie song and try to sing all the parts at the same time. I usually end up laughing at myself so hard that I can’t finish the song.

9. What are you binge watching right now?

I’m watching Friends from start to finish and Prison Break!

10. What’s one of your favorite memories from working at NST?

For a while, we had a bowl of candy in the office. At least once a week, someone on the team would bring in a bag of candy to refill it, and every time we’d see someone bring candy, we’d all yell at them because we were all trying to get in shape for summer. The bowl would always be empty again within two days because we can’t be tamed when it comes to sweets!

JSchmittPhoto NST 113 - Meet the Team - Patrika Cheston

Photos by Jessica Schmitt Photography.

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