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We love meeting awesome wedding vendors in our area. We had the privilege of working with Tinsel & Twine Event Design Studio at The NotWedding! Check out our interview with Erica Taylor, one of the founding partners of Tinsel & Twine!


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Photo by Amber Gress Photography.

1. Why did you decide to go into event design?

We started TINSEL after my business partner Liz got married. This was nearly five years ago in what we call “the time before Pinterest and Instagram.” This was before most people realized it was okay to have a wedding that felt personal, a little irreverent and fun! Before that, most of the weddings we had attended as guests felt stuffy and cookie-cutter. After Liz’s wedding, we decided to start a business that would allow us to provide that level of detail and personalization to other bold couples.

2. What is your favorite aspect of designing a wedding?

We love when our clients come to us with an out of the box idea that might seem a little crazy. We love crazy! It’s our job to make the event look good and ultimately help convey why the couple is getting married in the first place. Our favorite weddings have been the ones where the couples have said “Damnit, we love whiskey speak-easies / Chinatown dim sum / taxidermy / Czech Cubism / astrology / Beyonce ….” so that’s what this wedding is going to be about! 

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Left: Taken by my business partner, Adette. A fantastic Brooklyn couple’s wedding in Biscayne Bay, Miami.
Right: Taken by Fiona Conrad. Wedding at The Wythe Hotel.

3. What do you do to understand a couple’s vision and bring it to life?

Pinterest has been such a blessing and a curse for us. It helps us identify the visual threads our clients are drawn to. But we always recommend that clients look for non-wedding images so their ideas aren’t based on what’s trendy at the moment. We encourage clients to take a look at the items in their homes and in their closets to get a more accurate sense of the styles, color palettes, patterns, and personal details they are drawn to. If your home is modern minimalist, it might not be the right fit to have an eclectic rustic barn wedding. If your day-to-day uniform is black-on-black, it might be an unnecessary mental obstacle to plan a blush and bashful wedding.

4. What advice do you have for couples in the initial stages of wedding planning?

It can be very easy to feel overwhelmed with all of the decisions that need to be made. It’s important for couples to have an open and honest conversation about each person’s priorities for the wedding. As long as you have your key bases covered, there’s less pressure to make the “right” decision on the other stuff that might not be as important to you in the long run.

homepage v10 0011 05 - Meet Tinsel & Twine Event Design StudioTaken by Gesi Schilling at the same Biscayne Bay wedding as our gator friend.

5. What’s the number one reason why you suggest couples hire an event designer?

For couples looking for more than just flower arrangements in the middle of a table — which of course, are lovely and perfectly wonderful — an Event Designer is key in helping to bring big ideas to life so that your wedding is filled with thoughtful, personal details that your friends and family will appreciate. It’s not just about making the celebration look good. Our job is to make the beautiful details feel good, too.

We had a great time working with Tinsel & Twine on The NotWedding, which was featured on Brooklyn Bride! Check out the film below:

Cover photo credit: Taken by our talented friend Armando Rafael at Urban Cowboy Bed & Breakfast.



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