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Everyone loves a good #tbt, especially when it features your mama all dolled up in her wedding dress!

It’s finally May, which can mean only one thing: Mother’s Day is rapidly approaching! We’re honoring mom this month with an Instagram contest that could land you a free cinematic montage! It’s a fact: Mothers and weddings go hand and hand. Traditionally, she’s the one who buttons up your dress and puts on your veil. Some brides even opt to don mom’s vintage dress on the big day. In Jewish weddings, the mothers will accompany the fathers and bride or groom down the aisle. Many weddings feature the mothers in the unity candle or rose ceremonies. Even if mom can’t attend the wedding, she’s always in the bride’s heart. But long, long ago, when you were just a twinkle in her eye, it was your mother’s big day. Most of our mothers weren’t able to have video for their wedding day (womp womp 1978) but imagine being able to watch your grandmother, at a young 45, help your mother into her dress and listen to her kind words about how beautiful she looks. Awww!!!!! See how these visual memories become even more of a priceless investment with time?! That’s why we’re going to give away one of our favorite memory compilations: our cinematic montage. Boom. All of your favorite memories, childhood, engagement and even wedding photos, compiled together in an animated slideshow that you (and mom!) will love to watch over and over again. Win our contest and we’ll make a personalized one for you!

How to Enter

  1. Follow @NSTPictures on Instagram
  2. Post a photo of your mom in her wedding dress with the hashtags #MothersDay and #PricelessInvestment
  3. Tag @NSTPictures in the photo
  4. Get your friends and family to like your photo on Instagram20140501 1557421 - Win a Cinematic Photo Montage!


How to Win

The bride or groom who posted the photo with the most likes by 11pm on Mother’s Day (May 11th!) will win the cinematic photo montage! You must have at least 40 likes, follow us, tag us and use both hastags to win.

What are you waiting for?! Post your mommy’s wedding picture now! >>


Update: We have a winner!

The competition was fierce, and it came down to the wire, but one was able to get just a few more people to like her picture of her mom! Congratulations to @hennings16, who won the contest with an amazing 226 likes! Jennifer and Peter will be getting married on January 3, 2015, and now, they’ll have an awesome Cinematic Montage for their big day!
Thank you to all of our contest entrants.  Keep an eye out for our next contest!


Terms & Conditions – Eligibility: New clients only. Must be a bride or groom getting married in 2014 or 2015 in NY, NJ, CT, MA, PA or CA. Must be following @NSTPictures to win. Submission Period: 5/1/14, 10am to 5/11/14, 11:00pm. Submissions containing lewd or offensive photos will be disqualified. NST obtains all rights to republish photo submissions. The photo that has the mention, two hashtags and the most likes (minimum of 40) by 11pm on 5/11/14 will win a cinematic montage. In the event of a tie, the prize will be awarded to the earliest post. Prize cannot be redeemed for cash or credit and is non-transferrable.
“Mom” photos courtesy of our contest entrants.

Would LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE to win the wedding videography package for my wedding! I couldn’t think of a better way to remember the day!

Videography is such an important way to capture the moments in life that you want to go back and re-visit, particularly the special moments you want to remember forever. To be able to win that type of a gift would be a once in a lifetime opportunity that my fiance and I would be eternally grateful for. We hope that we would have the fortune of being blessed with this opportunity to capture one of the most important moments of our lives on video.

Cinematography is an essential part to any wedding. It allows us to immortalize moments of pure joy and happiness and relive them over and over again. We wait years to find the right person to share in such a meaningful and special day yet it’s gone in the blink of an eye. After waiting ten years to share this day with my fiancé, I know that I would want to relive the moments and the memories as often as I can. This is what cinematography does. I would love to be able to do this with your fantastic wedding giveaway.

We would love to win! Videography is one of the things we may be cutting out of our budget to keep it reasonable. This would be a great way to memorialize the day.

Hi Elisabeth! Before you make the decision to cut videography, let’s set up a time to chat about our packages. They’re surprisingly affordable, and we may have something that works for you!

This is truly important to us because we are having a small intimate wedding outside of the country meaning most of our family and friends will not be in attendance. This would mean so much to us as a way to include them in our day and allowing them to be apart of this special moment in our life!

Good luck to everyone getting married that it will be stress free and fun and that many good things come your way- especially free fun wedding things!
We are also considering cutting out videography to save for costs. We consider ourselves “ballers on a budget” and would rather spend it on photography, dj, and venue rather than a video we may or may not watch again- although I do enjoy my parents video from time to time. Things are expensive and more couples are paying for everything by themselves. We hate to cut anything, but in my case a beach wedding is super expensive and corners have to be cut.
Good luck to all entering the contest!!

Hi Jasmine- If you enjoy watching your parents’ video, imagine how amazing it would be to share a beautiful cinematic film with your future children! Let’s set up a time to discuss your big day and see if we can fit into your budget:

We would love to be able to remember every minute of our day. Our budget doesn’t allow for this. We have waited 8 years for this day. First and only wedding for both of us. Like other people I have had some heart breaking times this year, but I know this is picked at random. So, good luck to everyone.

Hi Deidre- Our packages are surprisingly affordable! Let’s set up a time to chat about your big day:

Love looking at all the beautiful moms on their wedding day

Thanks, Cathy! Have you entered our contest yet? There aren’t a lot of entries yet, so your chances are great!

awesome idea – would love to win this.

Would love to win! What a great giveaway!

We hope to win this great prize! Your work is great! We have our wedding approaching in January!

I love this idea! My mom has been with my father for over 25 years but they never had a full on wedding! Now mine is coming up and it is so precious to us because I have my daughter who is five and my mother who gets to share in this special momnet!



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