New York Beach Wedding

Get ready for an adorable NY Beach wedding!

We love James and Nicole’s personality-filled wedding. From the shoes to the vows, they were able to incorporate fun details about themselves throughout the day. We love the light blue color scheme, and the matching Converse were a great addition to the theme!

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The couple was married at the GreenTree Country Club in New Rochelle, NY, on July 7, 2013.  The beach made for absolutely beautiful photos! Nicole’s gown was gorgeous as it sparkled in the sunlight. We love that their vows were very personalized, showing the way that both their strengths and weaknesses made them perfect for each other.

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The couple’s reception entrance was fun and creative. The way they were “fighting” fit perfectly with their ceremony, because Nicole humorously mentioned her tendency to get upset over nothing. Having fun with their entrance definitely showed that they love each other, flaws and all.


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