No Shave November: Wedding Day How-To

Your alarm rings and all you can hear is “Here Comes the Bride;” the big day has finally arrived. If your partner has agreed to you having a beard on your wedding day to support No-Shave November – the annual charity event that raises awareness for cancer – it needs to look right. Prepping your look starts weeks, even months out, but there are a couple things you should consider as your big day gets closer. Consider these tips for your beard to make sure that it isn’t the death which does you part…

A Few Weeks Out

If your beard grows quickly, you can afford to try a few different styles leading up to the big day where it needs to be on-point. Just like the bride goes through multiple test runs of makeup and different hairdos, you can do the same. Be sure your beard flatters your face and body shape, and complements your hair. If you plan to have a thick beard on your wedding day, you’ll probably want to make sure your head hair is able to keep up for a cohesive look. If you’re nervous about thinning hair, it might be useful to take a daily prescription that will help stimulate hair growth over time. Then, you’ll be able to feel confident in time for the big day.

You may also consider getting into a daily routine. You wouldn’t just wake up and go about your day without washing your hair and styling it a little bit (unless your partner is into that), so why not do the same with your beard? It’s a good idea to comb it out every morning to help make sure it looks uniform. This should keep it clean and trim so you’ll have less to worry about once the wedding bells ring.

no shave november - No Shave November: Wedding Day How-To

The Night Before

Before your alarm rings, you need to get some sleep. This can be hard for a lot of us, especially when the next day is so important. But, sleep is vital for your beard and hair health in general. While you rest, your body regulates its melatonin levels which promote hair growth and send nutrients to follicles for a healthier beard. If you struggle getting to sleep, consider making some minor adjustments to help you get those well-deserved zzz’s. With how busy the weeks leading up to your wedding have been, there’s a good chance you’ve been running on caffeine. Cutting out caffeine in the afternoon and even alcohol, (yes, alcohol) even on this celebratory evening will help you sleep better.

Maybe you find yourself working on your laptop, scrolling through your apps on your smartphone or just watching Netflix late at night. Recent studies have shown the blue light emitted from these devices is actually detrimental to your sleep patterns. Wearing blue light blocking glasses will help maintain your body’s natural melatonin levels previously mentioned. During sleep your body promotes protein synthesis and releases enzymes along with other hormones which help spur hair growth. Aside from the obvious benefits of just feeling better and improving your hair’s look, a good night’s sleep will help reduce your stress, improve your mood, and keep you sharp to help make sure you don’t forget the most important two words of your life…”I do”…

The Morning Of

It’s time to show the world– well your wedding guests and partner– your well-groomed look. So you wake up, throw on the tux and hop down the aisle. Not so quick! You just worked so hard leading up to this day to look your best, so don’t overlook your morning prep. It’s a good idea to use beard oil and balm so your beard has a final touch-up and is looking glowing and healthy. It can also be a good idea to apply a daily moisturizer so your skin appears smooth and fresh. Whether you apply it before bed, or in the morning, it will give you a fresher feel when you first wake up and help combat dry skin after you shower.

Now, you have just about all the tools you need to pull-off your No-Shave November wedding beard. If you need more ideas, check out some other ways men styled themselves in our wedding film archives.



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