Summer Wedding Without Stress: Our Ultimate Checklist

Summer is often considered one of the best seasons for a wedding. It’s warm, so you can choose whatever dress you like, hold an outdoor reception, and take amazing photos in nature. However, summer has its drawbacks, including heat and unpredictable weather, and they can easily ruin your important day.

To avoid any problems, you need to prepare well – and we are going to help you with that. In this article, you will find our ultimate checklist for going through your summer wedding without stress. Here, we cover topics like the haircut, dresses, venue, guest list, photoset, budget, and some more. So read on – and get ready. 

The Haircut

The summer is the best time to change your look if you want to – you can go for a new haircut, colour your hair, or add highlights. It’s the best time to experiment with different looks and styles! If you have no idea what will work best, take a look at some of the popular styles for summer 2021 and choose one that suits you best. You can also consider going for a new haircut inspired by celebrities. Make sure your hairdresser uses the best hairdressing scissors in the UK as you want to look your best for the big day.

The Dress

Look for stylish options that will compliment your figure and fit the weather at your venue. The first thing you want when looking for a summer wedding gown is something light and airy. The heavy fabrics often associated with winter weddings can be too hot in the warmer months, especially if you have an outdoor ceremony or reception planned. A great idea would be to go with lighter materials like lace, chiffon or silk when choosing your favourite dress.

The Venue

When it comes to choosing a location for your wedding, you need to keep in mind that summer is the best time for outdoor weddings. Think about the weather forecast – but don’t let this be an excuse not to get married outside. Remember that if you have an outdoor ceremony, you also need an indoor option for photos without risking getting wet or having unpredictable weather ruin your photos. There are plenty of amazing venues that will offer great views and beautiful surroundings.

Guest List

Most people find it hard to stay away from vacations, parties, and other social events in the summer. As a result, many guests need to ask their employers for vacation days or weeks in advance, which means they may have to cancel their plans due to work commitments or family obligations. As a result, you may end up with fewer guests than you had planned – which is why it is better to have fewer guests than you think you would have liked. An alternative option is using online invitations – you can easily invite everyone you want, regardless of their travel plans and obligations. This way, you won’t have to worry about a considerable number of cancellations.

Photo Session

One of the biggest challenges for summer weddings is taking great photos, especially during the daytime. Make sure you have plenty of natural light – and perhaps a few artificial flashes if necessary. You should also consider wearing sunglasses if the sun is too bright – this will protect your eyes from harmful UV rays and allow you to take great pictures without squinting! When taking your photos, don’t forget about your smile – it’s important to show it even if it’s hot outside, so try to relax and have fun. Have a quick shower before taking pictures – this will minimize sweating which can ruin your gown, especially if it’s lace or tulle.


Even if you already know how much money you need for your wedding expenses, there are some additional costs that you may not have considered yet – like paying more for renting air-conditioning units, for your venue. If possible, try to include these extra costs in your budget so you are prepared for any surprise expenses that may come along the way.

Final Touches

Despite all of your preparations, it is still possible that something unexpected happens during your big day – perhaps one of your guests gets sick, or there is suddenly a huge traffic jam on the road to your venue. To avoid such problems before they occur, do not forget to have some first aid items and basic medications at home, as well as a spare tire in your car. Also, remember about other things like paper napkins and plastic utensils in case your caterer doesn’t bring them along with the food. While it’s unlikely that anything goes wrong on your perfect wedding day, it’s better to be safe than sorry!

Stress-Free Summer Weddings

Summer is the best season for a wedding, but it also has its drawbacks – heat, unpredictable weather, and so on. However, you can easily avoid these problems by preparing well and following our ultimate checklist. To avoid many of the wedding-day surprises, get ready and be prepared – and have fun!



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