How to Take Your Engagement Session to the Next Level

So, you’re engaged! Now it’s time to take adorable engagement pictures to show off your new spouse-to-be to the world. Why not take the engagement session to the next level with video?

Of course, the pictures are great for sharing with family and friends, but video allows them to hear your voices and see the way you interact with each other. It also gives you a chance to share what you love about your fiancé in your own words on camera. Imagine being able to watch yourselves in all the excitement of engaged bliss years down the road, or showing your children how cute you were back in the day. Tiffney and Richard’s film will be adorable for them to watch on anniversaries or share with family!

An engagement film is also a great way to involve far-away family and friends that haven’t had the chance to meet your special someone in person just yet. Wouldn’t it be great to show them a video instead of just pictures? Show your personality as a couple by letting loved ones see you in action. Instead of just still pictures of you two being cute, let your friends and family see and hear the way you laugh with each other! Think of the memories that Amy and Amasa will enjoy when looking back on their save the date film!

By bringing your engagement session to life with video, you’ll have even more to look back on and remember the days before you were a married couple. Take Kaitlin and Bryan for example. How great will it be for them to watch themselves frolicking around on the beach when they’re old and gray?

NST Pictures will work with you and your photographer to make sure you have a memorable and fun experience during your engagement session. We love creative ideas, and we love making couples’ visions come to life! For more information on creating a Save the Date film with us, contact us through this form.





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