5 Things You Should Do after Getting Married

Congratulations! You made it through all of the stress of wedding planning and joy of your magical wedding day! Now it’s time to tie up loose ends and get on with married life.

wedding binder - 5 Things You Should Do after Getting Married

1. Go through your wedding planning folder.

No sense in holding onto something you don’t need anymore! Spend a few minutes going through your wedding planning binder and ditch all the contracts and plans from any of your wedding vendors who completed their hired duties on the day-of. Only keep contracts and materials from vendors who will still be working with you, like your photographer and wedding videographer.

If there is anything of sentimental value, instead of keeping the binder, put it in your wedding shoebox or in the pocket of the garment bag with your wedding dress in it.

press features - 5 Things You Should Do after Getting Married

2. Grab your 15 minutes of fame!

After planning a gorgeous event, you probably want to show it off! Wedding magazines and blogs are dying for unique and beautiful weddings to serve as fresh content for their readers. Connect with your wedding photographer and videographer to see what your options are.

If NST Pictures was your wedding videographer, click here to fill out our press questionnaire to get the blog feature ball rolling! Once we have all of your vendor information and quotes from you about your planning process and experience, we’ll work on getting your wedding out to a publication that is the perfect fit and let you know when to expect the feature.

married life 2 - 5 Things You Should Do after Getting Married

3. Decide if you’re going to change your name

In today’s world, it’s “anything goes” when it comes to your name after your wedding. You can take his/hers, he/she can take yours, you can hyphenate or just stay with who you’ve always been! It can be a hassle to change your name as you need to do it through several agencies: the DMV, the Social Security office, your job, your health insurance, your bank and so on. Follow these directions to get started.

Once you commit and start the process, it can be a few weeks before everything is completely changed over. Your passport can take especially long, so it can be best to wait until you arrive back from your honeymoon so the name on your plane tickets matches your IDs.

honeymoon - 5 Things You Should Do after Getting Married

4. Plan your honeymoon

After you’ve celebrated your love and union with everyone you know, it’s an amazing experience to go spend time time alone together to celebrate on your own terms. Many couples find it impossible to plan a honeymoon while planning a wedding, both logistically and monetarily. If this was you, it’s time to hop on it. There aren’t many opportunities in life to go on an amazing trip with your partner. If you don’t start planning now, the possibility can slowly slip away as life gets in the way and you’re invited to friends’ weddings, bachelorette parties and business trips.

wedding planning - 5 Things You Should Do after Getting Married

5. Help a friend plan her or his wedding

Didn’t think you were going to miss it but feeling a bit of a void in your life? Now that you know what it’s like to have a wedding, check in with your engaged friends to see how they’re doing. Offer to help them with their timeline or volunteer to help them find their vendors. If they’re looking for a wedding videographer, send them here to get information on our wedding video packages!



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