Traditional Beach and Tropical Wedding Cakes

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Planning to get hitched on the beach or by the sea? A brilliant idea. Seaside destinations are one of the most picturesque places to host your big day and they offer a wealth of wonderful experiences for you and your guests.

One of the best things about a beach or oceanfront wedding is the ability to incorporate seaside themes into your wedding. You can add marine touches to the decor, bring a salty flavor to the menu or even build furniture out of driftwood

One of the best ways to link your special day to its seaside location is with an ocean-themed wedding cake. If you are organizing a tropical beach wedding, add the finishing touch with a tropical beach wedding cake!

The beach can add all sorts of wonderful details to a wedding cake, from shell or coral design elements in the cake decoration to a subtle rippling surf design in the icing. You can also incorporate tropical flavors and ingredients into your cake recipe, from coconut sponge to mango whipped cream!

So if your wedding is going to involve cruising the western Caribbean or a sun-drenched Polynesian beach, here are a few cake designs to inspire you to go all the way in making sure your wedding theme is complete!

White and Blue Wedding Cakes

Some of the best wedding cake designs are also the simplest. You can convey marine inspiration with just the color scheme. A two-tiered cake in pastel blue and white perfectly evokes the blend of sea, surf, and sky.

Tropical Wedding Cakes

Adding tropical elements to your wedding cake decor will really tie your chosen theme together. Use palm fronts or leaf prints at the top of your cake, and a sandy-biscuit crust on the bottom, with a cream foam for the frosted tips of the crashing waves, and–presto–you’ve got the tropical beach wedding cake of your dreams!

Seashell Wedding Cakes

You can also use rocks and shells as decoration, turning a simple wedding cake into something that’s come straight from Neptune’s underwater kingdom. A base of carefully selected, beautifully smooth rocks, and a topping of edible icing shells creates a vision of seaside loveliness. 

Coconut Cream Wedding Cakes

Of course, your tropical theme doesn’t just have to be visual! Add desiccated coconut to your cake, or coconut frosting to the icing, and your wedding will taste as tropical as it looks!

tropical wedding cake - Traditional Beach and Tropical Wedding Cakes

Pearls on Wedding Cakes

If you really want to push the boat out and give your tropical beach wedding cake a little touch of the ‘wow’ factor, fancy decorations are the way forward. Start off by creating starfish out of frosting, move on to marzipan oysters with sugar shells and sweet, edible, shiny pearls, or really go for it with spun sugar seaweed and edible sea flowers!

Beach weddings offer an incredible range of ways to make your theme interesting, eye-catching, and vibrant, and by tuning your cake to the location you can really make a splash!



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