Vietnamese Wedding in NYC

We love seeing the beautiful wedding traditions of different cultures. This Vietnamese wedding is beautiful!

Thao and John decided to celebrate their big day with both a traditional Vietnamese and a church ceremony, where they recited their vows in Vietnamese. Thao wore three different outfits throughout the big day, and they were all beautiful! We love her red traditional gown and headpiece. The gold detail is stunning, and we love the sparkly shoes to match!

Screen Shot 2014 05 08 at 11.13.37 AM - Vietnamese Wedding in NYC

Screen Shot 2014 05 08 at 11.15.27 AM - Vietnamese Wedding in NYC

Thao’s second dress was a beautiful gown with lace detail throughout and an elegant beaded belt. We love her long veil with lace detail to match her dress.  She looked gorgeous for her church ceremony! We also love her large bouquet of white roses. It definitely contributed to the elegance of the day.

Screen Shot 2014 05 08 at 11.17.07 AM - Vietnamese Wedding in NYCScreen Shot 2014 05 06 at 2.11.39 PM - Vietnamese Wedding in NYC

This couple’s reception was held at the Mudan Banquet Hall in Queens, NY. During the reception, Thao continued in Vietnamese tradition with her red dress. We love the floral hairpiece! The wedding party was able to take some fun pictures with beautiful urban backgrounds. The group looks like they’re having a lot of fun with their poses! The bridge and river looked gorgeous in their photos! Check out their fusion of traditional and modern weddings throughout their big day in their wedding trailer!

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Can’t wait to have my own wedding photos!!! Lovely

I will not be able to afford to have a videographer at my wedding, but would love to have one. Our grandparents are getting older and to be able to see them on tape at our wedding in years to come would be wonderful.

My fiancé Matt and I would LOVE to have a videographer at our wedding. We are planning to have our wedding on Martha’s Vineyard. Having a videographer there to capture all the amazing moments in a beautiful place would be awesome. Having a videographer would help us create memories that we could hold onto forever. It is something we would truly cherish for the rest of our lives. Good luck to all! 🙂

The wedding video is so stunning!!! I wasn’t even considering a wedding video, but the way you captured Thao and John’s special day was breathtaking!!! I am a changed woman 🙂

Traditions are ao beautiful!

Your work is so beautiful! I would love to have a videographer at our wedding this next year. I am a wedding photographer myself and so I know how important it is to document the day. 🙂

I love the details keeping to tradition. Beautiful!

Krista Hasemeyer

I’ve always had a dream to have a videographer at my wedding, but due to my large family and father undergoing surgery I quickly realized this dream would not become a reality because of cost. My finance and I would be so honored to be chosen for this giveaway and would feel so blessed to have our July 5th wedding caught on film. Thank you for this consideration, I greatly appreciate it!

Katelyn Charnock

This is beautiful! I would LOVE to have a videographer at my wedding, but it just doesn’t fit in my budget. Your work is amazing!

Samantha Gonzales

The video was amazing! Brought tears to my eyes! Such a beautiful wedding captured!

Samantha Anderson

Beautiful couple! How exciting!

what a classic wedding! shots well done! 🙂

So cool.

Wow, what a great contest! My fiance and I would love to win this contest so that we can have a talented videographer film our wedding day! Right now this isn’t really in the cards for us financially, so winning this contest would really be spectacular! We’d love to be able to look back on our wedding video years later!!

Thank you for offering this opportunity!
I would love to win this drawing. I am recently engaged but am very excited and active in planning our wedding. As I see it, a wedding video is important to me because after all the planning and excitement, my wedding day will go by really quickly and I’ll be lucky to remember half of it! It would be lovely to have a video to remind us of the details of the day and our emotions.


So beautiful!

I love weddings!! I can’t wait for mine.

Beautiful!! 🙂

such a great contest! I’d love to win!

Hope I can win this contest. I would love to capture the beautiful memories on my wedding day.

Hi, I’m Lucie B, Bride to be in September.
I’ll be marrying the most incredible man in the Universe! I swear it:)
Even more special, we’ll be marrying in one of the most beautiful churches in the world located in Stockholm Sweden…cant wait!
Gosh! It would be so great to win the $5000 Wedding video Package!
Well, Sometimes Dreams to come true!

BEAUTIFUL pictures and videos!!!!!! I’m so impressed!!

Love the videography! It looks absolutely amazing!

Brittney Walters

What a beautiful wedding. Mine is 11months and counting and I could only hope for having a wedding this beautiful. Lovely job!

I wish I could video my wedding -this looks amazing!!

I love weddings with cultural details. I want mine to express both my fiance and my cultures

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Absolutely beautiful!



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