Wedding at Battello: A Beautiful Blend of Two Cultures

Beneath every grand and luxurious wedding lies the real essence of the event – to bring two people together as one before their friends and family. Previously featured on Style Me Pretty, we worked alongside Blue Spark Photography and captured the littlest of details to the whole wonderful celebration! Enjoy!

After meeting in high school in Brooklyn when they were both just 13 years old, Mary and Steven formed a close bond.  It was not long before the two of them became best friends. They were both heartbroken when Mary had to move away to New Jersey when she was 16 years old. Nobody likes parting from their significant other but Steven made sure that their friendship would survive by visiting her often. Unfortunately, when they reached college, Mary was starting to get in the way of Steven’s relationships. At this point, Mary already had her first real boyfriend, thus, Steven and Mary naturally drifted away from each other.

A few years later, the lovebirds met again after over almost three years at a friend reunion. It was then that Steven confessed his feelings for Mary. Right at that moment, Mary realized that Steven was in love with her all along, even before she left Brooklyn. They started to hang out with each a lot more often. Five years ago, they made it official and it was on a warm summer day that they tied the knot.

All of their guests would agree that it was one of the best weddings they had been into. It was grand and elegant – everything you’d want a wedding celebration to be, but there was one aspect that made it genuinely mesmerizing – the combination of their two cultures. Steven wore a tuxedo paired with a black bow tie just like any groom would and Mary effortlessly flaunted her stitched white gown before they switched to traditional Korean paebaek attire!

The elements of Filipino and Korean cultures intertwined into one beautiful celebration. As if the modern-Italian atmosphere and sceneries of Battello in New Jersey were not enchanting enough, the delightful blend of different cultures boosted the sweet emotional moments galore.

Mary stood in the middle alongside with her closest friends in their Adrianna Papell bridesmaid dresses while holding gorgeous flowers designed by Stems Brooklyn.

The couple integrated the Paebaek ceremony into the wedding in honor of Steven’s family. Meanwhile, the cuisines represented a Filipino undertone. During the Paebaek ceremony, both Mary and Steven wore a Hanbok crafted by BDK Mint, which is a traditional special wedding dress worn during Korean weddings.

The couple perched in cushion seats with a floral Korean backdrop behind them. The jujubes and chestnuts in the table, which represents children, were offerings presented to Steven’s parents. The newlyweds intertwined their arms as they each drank the cup of wine, representing the Korean tradition Cheongju.

Over 150 guests filled the hall during the day of matrimony, but the sense of intimacy can still be felt and seen in the faces of both Steven and Mary. Regardless, the couple knew how to have fun. Steven and Mary took away the dance floor as they swayed to the beat brought by LJDJ.

Even though the couple tied the knot in broad daylight, it was as if all the stars conspired to make the event as perfect as it can be. After the reception, you can see the candid smiles on the faces of lovebirds Steven and Mary as they exited the church setting, the guests showering them with confetti.

While the guests were having a great time and the couple was enjoying their moment, the NST Pictures team made sure Mary and Steven’s celebration was covered on video!

“The couple was really nice to work with and really enjoyed the wedding film.” – Christina Arkous, Wedding Consultant

Were you as mesmerized by how amazing Mary & Steven’s wedding as we were? Have your special day captured on film by NST Pictures so you can watch and re-live those happy moments for years to come! Contact us today!




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