Wow truly gorgeous work. Hope I get lucky! 😀

My fiancee and I met a rep from NST Pictures at a wedding show at 501 Union. She was very professional and really showcased how the company makes these memorable movie trailer like videos, highlighting all the best moments from the ceremony and reception. Really awesome product!

How beautiful ❤️

Loving what I’ve looked at so far! Crossing my fingers!

We’ve been so nervous about money for our wedding in a year and a half and being able to enter for this video opportunity gives me some relief. Even if I dont win i know there are things like this to help us out! 😊

I just stumbled upon this website through theknot from a contest but I just took a look at your website and I must say that I am very impressed with your work.
I hope my fiance and I will win!

I have spent the last half hour watching your wedding videos and I haven’t stopped tearing up. Such a talent to be able to show love through your work.

Soo beautiful!

Loving the videos I’ve been seeing!

Shianne Sebastian

While going through your videos, I realized I attended 2 weddings that you filmed, haha. Absolutely love your work!

Small world! 🙂 Thank you!!



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