Eight Gorgeous Wedding Invitation Trends Every Soon-to-Be Newlywed Should Know About

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It is daunting to think of all the preparations that weddings entail. Which venue to choose? Should you get a wedding planner or ask the help of family and friends? There are just too many details to consider that it is no wonder most engaged couples planning their wedding are stressed.

Even something as simple as choosing the invitation design can offer the jitters, but it need not be!

The style, the font, the theme—all can be managed with careful planning, an amazing eye for detail, and the right inspiration. They need to blend well and create an amazing finish that will make your guests feel special and give them a hint about your theme.

Some go for the old-fashioned kind, but others turn the ordinary into something fun, unique and more personal. How would you want yours to look like? These trends will surely inspire you to make your wedding invitation extra special.

A Bit of Neat Calligraphy

Handwritten invitations in beautiful calligraphy and swirly typography can turn your wedding invitation into something breathtaking. Just make sure not to overdo it by making the names and dates more prominent with swirly details and keeping the rest of the invite in simple strokes.

calligraphy - Eight Gorgeous Wedding Invitation Trends Every Soon-to-Be Newlywed Should Know About

Go Crazy over Monograms

If you want something simple yet classy, you will never go wrong with a nicely done monogram. It is a classic wedding detail that never goes out of style. You can create it in various ways, like using only one letter or both of your first-name initials in an elegant cursive font style.

You can even choose to add an icon or imagery. Monograms let you play with color too. A new trend makes use of interlocking monogram where the style connects the letters for a splendid outcome.

Watercolor for the Artist in You

There’s nothing more playful and eye-catching than invites flourishing with watercolor designs. You can choose an abstract watercolor design for a splash of cheerful hues or a pastel ensemble for a charming finish. Another fun tip: why not hire an artist to draw the setting of your wedding, especially if it is somewhere picturesque and recognizable?

watercolor - Eight Gorgeous Wedding Invitation Trends Every Soon-to-Be Newlywed Should Know About

Geometry for a Modern Look

It may sound boring to others, but invitations in unusual angular shapes, like hexagonal or other striking borders, create a truly modern and sophisticated look. You can also fashion an attractive pattern or offset it with floral or greenery touches to soften the tone.

The Art of Minimalism

Keeping it neat and simple does not mean the invite will be less attractive. You can go for something sophisticated or trendy by keeping the artwork minimal. A little touch like a swirl, a vine, a line, or a bit of wreath will make your invitation’s overall aesthetic irresistible.

minimalist stationery - Eight Gorgeous Wedding Invitation Trends Every Soon-to-Be Newlywed Should Know About

Shimmer and Shine

Metallic and foils in different shades is a hot trend these days. It is the best choice if you want to put elegance on your wedding invitation. There’s a hint of extravagance in it, and it is perfect for formal weddings.

Something Botanical

Forget about flowers. Go for the gorgeous greens instead. Cactus prints and botanical drawings are all the rage nowadays. Some even take it a step further by using seeded paper. Your guests will have a lot of fun planting the seeds.

Hand Ties for Personal Touch

Let your guests know how much effort you put into your wedding invites by topping them off with charming hand ties. You can choose velvet or silk ribbons to make an elegant finish, or you can go for natural twine to be consistent with the nature-inspired theme.

ribbons - Eight Gorgeous Wedding Invitation Trends Every Soon-to-Be Newlywed Should Know About

Going Online

The evolving technology also invades the wedding trends. Some couples now send their invites online. Others send both the printed and the online version for maximum convenience.

Online invitations can be anything you want them to be in terms of design. Editing tools are now sophisticated, making the job of designing more flexible without eating a lot of time.

online invitation - Eight Gorgeous Wedding Invitation Trends Every Soon-to-Be Newlywed Should Know About

Map It Out

Customize your invites through a geography theme. Show your guests where the wedding venue will be using personalized stationery. You can keep the map minimal or go all-out by including elaborate details.

Add Chic Embellishments

Think of satin ribbons, wax seal, or a piece of jewelry. These things can express your personality, enhance the textural interest, and add a gorgeous layer to your invite. It will be something your guests will want to keep.

Use Your Imagination

The wedding invitation is the first step to your big day. Let your creative spirit flourish, and make your invites something unforgettable. Extend the personal touch to pocket-size envelopes by choosing the best style that will suit your invitation details.

With all these trends, you will surely be spoiled for choice when it comes to wedding-invitation ideas. You should choose well. After all, your wedding invites will dictate the tone of your wedding, from the theme to your wedding program. Other materials on your special day will also depend on this, so it is only advisable that you proceed with careful planning.

But the most important to keep in mind is…. have fun with it!



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