Wedding Videography Packages: Get It or Skip It

There are many bells and whistles you can opt for when selecting from a wide range of wedding videography packages for your special day. Some couples are happy just to have the entire ceremony captured on film. Then there are those who want something extra. However, you need to draw a fine line when it comes to selecting the extras for your wedding film NY package. There are some things that are a must-have and others that you are better off without.

What to Get in Your Wedding Videography Package

–  Always go for a full-length feature film for a wedding video. These are cinematically edited and combine all the wedding moments and events into an emotionally, entertaining and excitingly charged film. It is of the same quality as a highlight reel (Trailer Film) with the exception that full-length feature films are longer, show more scenes and have a more natural audio. This enables them to capture true in-depth emotions, giving you the best wedding video experience ever.

– Capturing the most joyous moment of your life when you hear your fiancé say those two magical words, “I do”! The warm feeling of that moment is something that one wants to remember for the rest of their lives. Therefore, it is important that these special moments are not missed. This is a great chance to save the memories of a joyous occasion on film of the newlyweds for their children to see. It is a beautiful and lovely moment when you sit down with your kids to watch the wedding video. These are a lifetime worth of memories that deserve saving.

–  Get the videographer to film the pre-ceremony preparations. There are some really special moments that can be captured  of the bride and groom getting ready and running here and there to get things right. The most special moment will be when the bride and groom finally reveal themselves after the transformation. The one-liners and comments by close friends are a must save for such occasions.

–  A short highlight reel, or Trailer Film, depicting the best moments of the day is another must-have. Some people don’t have the time to watch the entire video. Moreover, those who were already there might not want to watch the whole thing and just some special moments.

–  It is a must to have two cameramen shoot the event. You cannot get topnotch cinematic wedding videography if there is only one camera. Life happens simultaneously, like when the bride enters the room and at the very moment when the groom sees her for the first time. Without two cameras, you’ll have to choose between those moments. Having two cameras capture such beautiful reactions is priceless for any couple.

What to Not to Get in Your Wedding Videography Package

×       Raw footage may be amusing to you but it only bloats the length of your wedding video. Any important and meaningful footage will be included in your feature and trailer films. You won’t sit and watch a long, uneventful string of footage when you can watch all the important stuff in 25 minutes.   In some instances, you have to pay extra for the raw footage so you can save money by forgoing it.

×       Don’t have the guests shoot interviews for your wedding video. You will see the most generic and clichéd messages from your loved ones and can look really cheesy. Remember: You’re keeping this forever.

×       Never hire a traditional wedding videographer. These are always one camera man, standing corners and lurking at the edges. They are never able to capture all of the special moments in the beautiful way you remember it. And after all, isn’t that is the reason you are getting a wedding video?

Knowing what to get and what not to get enables you to select the best wedding videography package. NST Pictures offers this and much more. Get in touch and discuss how we can provide cinematic wedding videography services for your big day.


I would love to have this package because I love taking pictures and me and my fiancée has been together for 11 years and we have a lot of pictures when we where growing up. So I would love to keep the memory going down the line.

Smart move–memories cannot be replaced so photo and video will keep them vivid forever. Good luck, Nia!

My fiancé and I had our first date in 1998, then took a break. After years of contact off and on, we had our second first in 2009. I figured since a decade had passed, another first date was in order. Oddly enough we went to the same high school together, yet never knew each other. I believe timing was a big factor in our reconnection and I am thankful for it. We have been together since our second first and are planning to wed this October. Your work is beautiful and we’d love to have you share this very special day with us!

Thanks for sharing, Erika! So much growth can happen in a decade. We’d love to be there to capture how far you’ve come. Congrats!

Considering we don’t have an enormous budget for our wedding, this package would be so, very helpful. We plan to marry in Fall 2014. Thank you for offering such a great package!

This is a good opportunity for a couple, we are getting marry on august 2014, its almost there and this package would be awesome for us. thanks for this opportunity to many a couple happy on this special moment.

My fiance and I are college sweethearts. We’ve decided to host a destination wedding in Jamaica on 12.13.14 for all of our friends and family (about 120 guests) so there will be so much to be captured throughout the wedding weekend. Because we want to invite as many people as the place can hold, we are stretched very thin for cash but as I work in the field of photography, I know how important great imagery and cinematography is. I would really LOVE to have a videographer capture our wedding! The budget just wont fit it in I’m afraid. We would be over the moon to win this amazing opportunity!!! We could potentially cover travel costs if we won 🙂 ??

christine mezzanotte

My fiance and i have been together since we were 16. We dated until we were 26 and had broken up for about 4 and a half years. We had to break up bc my fiance had become some drug issues and needed to get into a drug rehab and needed to focus on himself in order to save his life. At the time it was devastating but looking back it was a blessing. We had bumped into each other again and now we were both in our 30’s. Needless to say true love never fails we are now 35 and finally both ready to spend the rest of our lives together. We are both excited bc through out the last 19 years we have been unable to truly live without one another.



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