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[…] UPDATE: This contest has ended! We’re currently selecting the winner, but in the meantime, feel free to enter our new contest here! […]

Another awesome chance for a package! Thank you so much for another opportunity. My fiancé and I would be so grateful if we won. Videography is a must in any wedding and would be a God send to our small budget. I hope we get to work with you!

I would love to win this package. Me and my fiancé have finally decided to marry after 7 years together. Our budget isn’t that extensive and I would love to capture our day with a videography package. I am an indian bride and it would be amazing to capture both days in their glory. Thank you for the opportunity and I hope I get the chance to work with you.

This would be a wonderful gift if chosen to win. I am an Operation Iraqi Freedom War Veteran and my fiance waited for me for 545 days while being deployed. We would love a dream wedding with a a Full Cinematic Wedding Videography Package to capture the memories. Unfortunatley, we don’t have the budget for a huge wedding but are greatful to have found each other. I wish for the opportunity to share my big day with NST Pictures. Good bless America!!!!

It would be a true blessing to win this videography package because we too are on a small budget. I know the day will fly by and we will have pictures to look back on. However, it would be a true gift to be able to relive our special day for years to come. And especially to have something to pass down to our kids one day. Thank you for the opportunity and I look forward to capturing our special day with you!

You are my saving angel.

What a great opportunity!!

Love this opportunity!

I am getting married in April 2015 and would love to win a wedding package as my budget is not as large as I would like it to be but just big enough to have a lovely wedding.

I am so grateful for the opportunity to win. Our budget is not large and a video memory would be fabulous.

Hi Sabrina! Thanks for entering the contest. Our packages are surprisingly affordable, and we’d love to set up a time to see if we have something that will fit your budget! https://nstpictures.com/investment-availability

What a great opportunity! Thanks!

To win this package would be such an amazing blessing. My fiancé and I have been together over four years and will be together a little over five when we get married. He has just recently returned home from BMT and tech school for the air force. We have decided to get married March of next year, but we are also trying to save up money because I am still pursuing my college bachelor degree. It would mean so much not to have the burden of paying to have an amazing video of our big special day. I would love so much to win this package! 🙂

What an awesome giveaway! Thank you!

Thank you for this awesome giveaway!

Such beautiful videography!! I am getting married in December of 2014 and would be so blessed to preserve our special day this way! Our budget is limiting us on our options to document our wedding, but having a wedding video is so important to me. We so grateful for this opportunity!!

Hi Annie! We have a variety of packages that are surprisingly affordable. Let’s set up a time to chat and see if we have something that fits your budget! https://nstpictures.com/investment-availability

We’re having a girl scout summer camp wedding next year with lots of DIY touches and would love to be able to afford a videographer but unfortunately its completely out of budget. It’s great to have the opportunity to be able to capture all my small details from my grand entrance to the roaring bon fire before my guests go to sleep in their cabins!

Wow, what a unique theme! Sounds like fun! Are you going to have thin mints? 🙂
We’d love to set up a time to talk with you about our packages. Something that memorable needs to be captured forever! https://nstpictures.com/investment-availablity

What an amazing giveaway! Likely a long shot, but would love to be in the running!

Would love to have NST film my wedding at Brooklyn Winery this summer!

Ah this could not be more perfect in timing! After having my bat mitzvah video and watching it over and over again. I knew that having a videographer was a non negotiable for the wedding. Sadly after crunching the numbers my Fiance and I have budgeted that we will have to pay out of pocket for this expense since we both really want to have this. Ah! This is such a great timing, please pick us to save us from stressing over our budget 🙂

I would love to win this wedding package as we have a tight budget. Winning this giveaway will help my fiance and I create an awesome wedding experience!

Thank you so much for this opportunity! I know there is no way we could afford to have a videographer on our own and it is SO important to us!

We would love to win this package! My fiance’s family lives in one state, my family lives in another, and my fiance and I live in an entirely different state. We don’t have families that can travel anywhere (for various reasons) so have decided to have a small wedding then have parties at each of the places our families live. We hope to be able to videotape our small wedding and share it with all of our loved ones who couldn’t be there. We want them to feel a part of it and believe this package could help us do that!

This would be pretty great for us. We are having a quirky, unique CT wedding and this could be a nice addition.

What a great package!

[…] We’ve already started our next contest to win a full cinematography package worth $5000! Check out our blog post for details and how to enter. […]

It would be so amazing to win!! I am set on having a wedding video – I absolutely love watching my parents’ – but this budget has me awfully frightened. This would be so great!

I love that you give the bride and the groom an opportunity to win a package like this one. My fiancé and I would loveeeee to be able to have something like this to cherish and look back on. I am from Massachusetts and he is from New York. I reside in New York now, but we plan to have our wedding on Martha’s Vineyard in Massachusetts. We both grew up visiting the island and absolutely love it. To have a video that captures our most special moment there, would mean so much to us!!

I would be honored to win the Wedding Package from NST pictures!! My fiancé and I are working through a tough time financially, as he opens up his own brewery. We were contemplating not have a wedding because we don’t have the money to cover the costs. This would help us tremendously!! We would be so thankful!

This would be a great gift if we win because we had to cut this out of our budget. We have family members being our photographer also. Since its a destination wedding we really had to cut a lot of things to meet our budget. Hopefully we get this to capture our moment when we say I Do.

So excited to get an oppertunity for a videography of our special day. My fiance and I have been together for 10 years waiting for the money to have the wedding of my dreams. Still dont have it but at this point our union is all that matters but to capture it would be amazing. Thanks for the oppertunity.

Ny wedding is in 2 weeks to the boy I’ve loved since I was 6. This would be awesome I still don’t have a photographer it’s not in the budget.

I am so excited for my wedding and love to have this opportunity.

I’d love the oppourtunity to work with you! Your work is amazing! Winning a cinematography package would be such a blessing for me & my fiancé.

Janine Tokarski

What a great opportunity for a video package!

This would be a great to win! One thing that we wouldn’t have to worry about in our budget, plus awesome work. Thanks for this opportunity 🙂

I’m crossing my fingers, toes, arms, legs, and eyes that we can win this video package!! Your work looks amazing and we’d be honored to win it! *crosses all limbs and eyes!!*

Love this! Such a great offer and opportunity.

Woooooo were ready to party our special night away and have it all captured! Pick us!!

The lucky husband to-be

Cheers to all of us “ballers on a budget!” would be great to win something for the most special day of our lives that will help us to remember it forever! Good luck to everyone.

Me and my fiancé would love to win this package. We may not be able to afford videography or photography so it would be nice to win a video package.

Would love to win this. Fiance is against videography because of the cost!

This would be an incredible gift!

This is such a wonderful opportunity that my fiance, Rob, and I are grateful for. We have been together for over 12 years (since HS) and he loved me enough to follow me from NY to FL so that I could pursue a PhD. Now I’m working on my dissertation back in New York AND planning a wedding at the same time — financially, mentally and emotionally challenging but worth it. A photographer who can really capture our story would be a dream come true!

Due to me having such a large family (both of my parents grew up mennonite) I really want to have a small intimate wedding with all of the details of the day captured. I love how you capture weddings in a classic yet documentary style. Videography is one of the things that we would love to add in because then it would allow us to share our day with everyone without them needing to travel.

This is a great opportunity for my fiance and I to have a videographer at our wedding. We are hesitant on hiring one due to budget restrictions. It would be a wonderful gift to win this contest!

Lindsay Mockmore-Bennett

Every person I have talked to has told me either how much they love their wedding video or how much they wish they had one. This would be an amazing opportunity given our budget!

Thanks for this opportunity!

I would LOVE To win this package. Our budget is small and we are having a rustic picnic reception. It would be great to capture the memories of video.

These videos are beautiful and we would be so fortunate if chosen!

I would love for you to film us at the Essex house in NYC. We are a fun crowd with lots of nice and energetic people including professional dancers, coreographers, and lots of soon to be engaged couples. Please pick us. It would really mean a lot. Lots of love!!

I’m so grateful thank you all are offering this opportunity!! I live in New York and the budget for my entire wedding is $5000 because I am a student and so is my fiance so we just want a memorable day for our family and close friends to share in our union. It’s almost discouraging to think we might have to spend more but we just cannot afford to. We rather invest in our futures so as long as we can share our love with loved ones we know it will be magnificent nevertheless. You all do amazing work so thank you for sharing your awesomeness! 🙂

This is a great opportunity. Thank you.

This would be so awesome!! Specially since we having a destination wedding! Thank you

Hi NST Pictures! Thanks so much for providing the opportunity to win a wedding video package. Your wedding videos are absolutely breathtaking and my fiancé and I would be truly honored to have you capture our special day. We both love how you are really able to highlight each couple’s personality through your videography and let their real joy shine through. Each video is so personalized and special – we really are captivated by your work. Thanks again for the opportunity and for sharing what you do!

What a sweet opportunity! My fiance and I are currently shopping for photographers but unfortunately don’t have room for a videographer in our budget. I’m a web developer and live and breathe media, so having footage of such a special day would mean a lot. Best of luck to all the brides out there!

Can’t wait for an awesome photographer 🙂

NST has great reviews and does wonderful work. Would love to use their services on our special day!

Thanks for your kind words, Jen! Have you set up an appointment with us yet? We’d love to have some time to chat about how our packages can fit in with your big day! https://nstpictures.com/investment-availability

Wonderful video above! I hope I win!! 🙂

My fiance and I are getting married next year and are doing it completely on our own. After 10 years together and being since high school we decided this is the perfect time to live our dreams of being married together, as we are each other’s first love. This would be a great help!

Winning this would be the perfect way to capture our wedding memories and get to work with a great company. We are paying for the wedding ourselves and don’t have the budget for a videographer right now but would be so so grateful to have someone record the special day with our family and friends.

Hi Anna! We have a customizable packages that could fit your budget! Let’s set up a time to chat to see if we can find a fit for your wedding: https://nstpictures.com/investment-availability

What an amazing giveaway!! My fiancé and I just started planning our wedding for next year!

Wow! What a wonderful thing to giveaway! I wanted a videographer for our Jan 2015 wedding SO bad, but our budget does not allow for it. I actually cried when I realized this! To win one from such an amazing talent would be AWESOME!!

Hi Nicole! Let’s set up a time to chat to see if we can work something out for your budget. We’d love for you to be able to have videography for your big day! https://nstpictures.com/investment-availability

I’m not sure yet if I need a videographer, but winning a free one would certainly answer that question for me!

this would be a wonderful prize to win!! This contest came right in time. My Fiance and I are getting married in November. We want to capture this special day on video but our budget says otherwise… I’ve watched the some of the videos and I am in awe of the work!!!

This is an amazing giveaway, I would love love love to win it and capture my wedding with it. My fiance would be so surprised.

Gosh at every trade show or Bridal expo event we always visit NST! I’m just in awe of their work. We fantasize about working with them for our wedding. It would be a dream come true to win this. We need to win this!

Fingers crossed!

What a great opportunity. I would love to have a cinematic camera at my wedding but I do not have the money. I live in Nyc what a way to go out with a bang!

[…] you haven’t already heard, our Grey Collective member, NST Pictures, is doing a huuuuuge giveaway for one couple to win an “All Inclusive Wedding […]

This looks like a beautiful wedding package!

This would be amazing for our wedding :)!!!!!

such beautiful videos!

We would absolutely love to have NST capture our wedding in Charleston!

Video has been something I was not sure I would ever want at my wedding until I saw a video from a wedding a few years ago. Now it is something I have as a must! I cry at videos from peoples wedding I do not even know!!!

Awesome giveaway!

I was going to ask my sister’s flatmate to film the day on her iPhone (something is better than nothing, right?!) This would be much better!!!!

Just found NST productions and what amazing quality in all the videos! Very excited about this giveaway!

Wow! So excited to see this and have an opportunity like this! Having a very tight budget and this wanting to be my one splurge that wish was popped when discovering how much food was for a wedding! TOO MUCH! still trying my hardest to get this for myself and us as a couple, but it would take that huge burden off my shoulders to win the opportunity (having 4 kids is also making it impossible for extra splurges). Being an Art teacher I appreciate the artistic view on this more then anything, absolutely love your artwork! 🙂

What beautiful videos! I would love to win this awesome giveaway.

This would be an amazing opportunity to share our wedding with extended family. Here’s to hoping!

[…] you haven’t already heard, our Grey Collective member, NST Pictures, is doing a huuuuuge giveaway for one couple to win an “All Inclusive Wedding Videography” […]

This would be a great opportunity for our wedding. We have an extremely tight and small budget. It would give us the chance to relive our wedding day whenever we wanted. A precious keepsake, and it would mean so much to us if we win.

I would love to win this for my Charleston destination wedding! It’s a gorgeous city and it’ll be a gorgeous day to film 🙂

I would love to win this awesome giveaway!

The stresses of planning a wedding are real. I have heard it from almost everyone who has been married but I am still surprised at how overwhelming it is. And how expensive it is. I feel like wedding venues are really taking advantage of every little girls dream. And there are so many things to consider with everyone involved having their opinion. I never thought I would want to elope but it is quite appealing to me now! Winning a package like this would definitely lighten the load and help to make our special day exactly what it’s supposed to be. Here’s hoping!!

What a fantastic opportunity! Crossing my fingers we can win!

This is an amazing chance to win! Hoping that my fiance and I can win and have an amazing video produced by such amazing and talented people. Fingers crossed!

i would be amazing to win this wedding package and it would help so much at having the wedding that I have always dreamed. I’m corssing my fingers!

I love NST Pictures! I am a huge fan and love to see their work 🙂

It would be a blessing to win this package. It would be a dream come true to be able to capture my special day and relive my special day for years to come!

My fiancé and I are super excited about our wedding day. It would be a dream to have NST pictures to shoot our day. Thank you for the opportunity to win a package! Capturing the special moments is so important

Would love to win this!

We don’t have room in our budget for videography so this would be awesome!

We would really love to win this package!!

We are getting married next fall and have a small budget. We would love and appreciate your help if we win
Thank you

This would be amazing. I have a groom who hates having his picture taken and I know the only smiles I’m going to capture that day are going to be on video.

It would be unbelievable if I won this amazing prize… Fingers Crossed!!!

I entered the sweepstakes and what a great offer it is and it would be even better if we won. we are saving for our special day and cinematography is very important to us, to be able to capture the day and see the moments we may miss.

Amazing offer 🙂 Excited to get married at the end of this year!!!

I’ll try it out.

I’ll give it a try. We would be so happy if we won this. This will give us a chance to b able to show our wonderful day

Like everyone else, we would LOVE to have a videographer at our wedding but simply cannot afford it at this time. Would be AMAZING to win this! Fingers crossed!!!!!!

I can’t find a videographer and my wedding is on December 27 in Jamaica this would be a great prize.

What better way to hold on to such a precious occasion! In 20 years when I’m well into my sixties, hopefully I can share this video with my grandchildren. Thank you for a chance to win such a wonderful gift.

Crossing fingers but the pin it button didn’t work! No image. Heres to 3 points down.

My fiancé and I would love to have videography for our wedding. This is an exciting time for us and we would be so grateful to have your company capture this beautiful, blessing for us. Our budget is with limitations and winning this videography would be of great assistance to us. We truly appreciate you having a giveaway that allows us to even have a chance at winning, thank you!!!

Your work is so beautiful!

We’re on a tight budget. This would be a wonderful prize.

I AM TOLD THAT THIS IS A MUST COME WEDDING TIME. The pricelessness of a video capturing all of the memories you might miss or forget is impossible to express! I’d love to win this gift!

Great Opportunity!! Love the beautiful pictures!!

I’d love to win the package, we have a lot of relatives that can’t make it to the wedding and would appreciate something like this! 🙂

This is an amazing video and an incredible package!!

I never thought I’d find my soulmate and now I know never say never. We “see” each other through an invisible divine force that drives our Love. We truly believe NST can capture this on our wedding day in 2015.

Our journey begin seven years ago, we laugh, cry, celebrated many milestones together. We have five children between us of which all are grown accept one. We have learn to love and think as one. With such a meshed family I would love for NST to capture this special moment as we start the beginning of our tomorrow.

I’d love to win this package!

Your videos are beautiful! We would be so honored to have you capture our day!

What a fantastic opportunity!! Would love love love to win 😀

My fiancé and I would be very greatful to win this package! Being a young couple in love, we would love the opportunity to win a free video to remember our moments for a lifetime!

I would love to win this package. My fiance and I love the idea of capturing the special moments on our special day, and having the ability to look back on them. It’s especially nice to have cinematography for our wedding day because it allows our future children to dwell in the moment with us and understand our much their parents love one another. Please pick me!! 🙂

To be able to win a package such as this would truly be a blessing for my fiancé and me! To be able to capture all the moments and both of our families together in one place to celebrate the union of our love as it unfolded would be simply amazing!

your films are absolutely beautiful and would be such a blessing to have you be part of our wedding.

Beautiful videos! Great opportunity.

What an awesome contest! Cinematography is so important to contemporary weddings, so a good cinematographer is key! We would love to have you film our wedding!

We would love to win a package like this, since we are having a small intimate wedding on a small budget!

I jumped for joy when I saw this contest and thinking of the opportunity of possibly winning. Evan and I have been in a long distance relationship (Houston – New York) for the past 9 months, taking turns to fly to see each other once a month. Two weeks ago, he surprised me by flying to New York just to propose. We have already begun speaking about our wedding but the numbers are scary! We want to bridge our distance and get married, and we refuse to let our limited resources (we both work in youth ministry) hinder our dreams for a beautiful wedding. Having the blessing to have our memories captured by NST Pictures would certainly be a stress reliever. Cinematography is a MUST at our wedding, we pray that NST considers us 🙂

Just entered to win a Full Cinematic Wedding Videography Package! My fiancé and I are having our wedding next year in New York City and we would love to have our special day captured by NST PICTURES.

I have fallen completely in love with NST pictures. I have looked at some other videographers’ work and this by far is the best. I would love the opportunity to win this package. Our budget is extremely tight and it would mean so much.

I would love to have my special day captured. We have a very limited budget due to my Medical bills for chemo and had to cut out a lot of things for our wedding. I would love to win this package. ☺️

While watching some of your sample videos I was immediately impressed by your ability to capture the beautiful and memorable moments, the fun and distinct personalities of the bride and groom, and to put all of this into the ‘story’ with artistic flair and professionalism. I would love to have you do the same for Darren and I…..
Thank you for a chance at winning this amazing package.

Next year my husband and I will be renewing our vows at 20 years – this would be an incredible addition to our wedding. When we first were married, we had a limited budget and a wedding videographer wasn’t even in an option, we were fortunate out friend photod our small garden/backyard wedding. I think this is fabulous that you are giving a person the opportunity to win something so precious – hopefully it’s us 🙂

What beautiful videos. Hope we would be lucky enough to be able to remember our wedding in such a beautiful way

My fiancé and I would love to win this package. We are having a small wedding due to budget, this would not be an expense we could afford. This would help us greatly with our wedding since we want it documented!! I am also a special education teacher and would love to have something to show my class when I get married in October. After being together for 5 and a half years we will finally be tying the knot.

What a great giveaway!! I would be so excited to win this, as my fiance and I can’t afford a photographer or videographer for our wedding in Santa Barbara. It’ll be at the Santa Barbara Court House, so I would love to capture the beautiful venue! 🙂

A friend of mine recently used NST for her wedding and watching the film put tears in my eyes. I would LOVE to have NST at my wedding to create a film that I know I would cherish for a life time!

This is such a wonderful giveaway! Thanks!

Thank you for the opportunity to win a video!! I found out about you from a friend and would be thrilled to have a video done by NST 😀

Thank you for having this giveaway! It would be an honor and an AMAZING opportunity to win this for our wedding on June 19! Thanks again xoxo

stephanie richardson

I would love if you could give this package to my dear girlfriend who is battling breast cancer for the second, for her vow renewal in June 2015. It would really be appreciated. Thank you.

Your work captures the essence of love. I hope my fiancé and I will have the opportunity to have such an amazing video as a keepsake.

Thanks for the opportunity. A great giveaway to win.

Thank you so much for this opportunity! My fiancé and I are college sweethearts, and we will be getting married about a month before our nine year anniversary. It would be awesome to get a video of our wedding; especially to show our future children and grandchildren! We don’t have a huge budget, and this would be greatly appreciated.

Yes ! Another chance to win something for my wedding ! So excited

Wow, so many to compete against! This great opportunity would be a pleasure to have. However, may the lucky couple who wins have a happiest wedding. **crossing fingers!**

My fiancé and I are not able to have a video at this time for our August 2014 wedding due to budget restrictions. Winning this opportunity would allow us to have a copy of our vows to show our children.

Groom wasn’t an option. My feyonce is making me do this but that being said, your work is awesome!!

What a wonderful sweepstake! We weren’t able to fit a videographer into our budget, so it is so nice to still have to opportunity to win the service though your company!



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