I would love to win this contest to capture our special day in Saratoga Springs NY!

Winning would make my day !

Can I scream now??????

Having an amazing photographer to capture those special moments would make our day even more rememberable!

I would be incredibly blessed to win!

Memories last forever but a keepsake is priceless..

Since we are paying for the wedding ourselves, winning this package would be a dream! Fingers crossed 🙂

Me and my fiancé are so sexy, we would make your photos look amazing 🙂

This would make the day that much more amazing! <3

I would love to win this amazing prize due to we are paying for the wedding ourself this would help out a lot

I can’t wait to get married, I’m super excited but winning this wedding package would send me over the moon!

We are get married next year 08/25\2018
My fiancee name is Michael wayen Williams wedding in Hopewell please pick us win of the pictures

Wilmyn Saint-Ilme

We are winning!! Becomingthebest1117 just got that much better!

This would truly complete the wedding of our dreams!

I love the high-quality work you guys are producing. Fingers crossed!

Would be absolutely wonderful to win this package! My fiance is currently working on a contract for his company abroad and I can’t wait to be together for our special day!!



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